Grey Man Tactical Headrest Organizer / 8x6 RMP™

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This has been a game-changer for my gear in my vehicle. Many useful items can be attached to this for quick and easy access. I especially use this for my IFAK and of course a blade or two. Utilize this organizer to mount your gear from either side of a vehicle headrest. Pass the two included straps through the RMP™ and around the headrest, fastening back onto themselves. Hook & loop back-to-back allows for infinite adjustment due to the way it secures back to itself. Hits every mark on the YEEHAW scale! Be sure to check out Grey Man Tactical online to see all the cool stuff you can mount to this. Also if you do not want to add this to your ride, you can always mount to a wall or other flat surface with some standoffs to create an absolutely wicked wall panel organizer.

Package Contents:

QTY 2 - Hook & Loop RMP™ Straps

QTY 1 - 8 X 6 RMP™


  • Compatible with most vehicle headrests





WEIGHT 4.97 ounces

MATERIAL HDPE and extruded polymer hook & loop

BRAND Grey Man Tactical™