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Rounded Academy: CCW Safety Training Course

Firearm Safety and CCW Training Course


This is what every gun owner needs to know. You start with learning your way around different firearm types, how to purchase correctly and basic range etiquette. You then move through transportation, cleaning and care and then to conceal carry techniques and methods, plus we're going to detail the most popular accessories. 


Lesson 1: Introduction to Firearm Safety & Etiquette
Lesson 2: Concealed Carry Basics
Lesson 3: Intro to Accessories
Lesson 4: Basic Handgun Operation & Safety
Lesson 5: Cleaning Your Handgun
Lesson 6: Firearm Types
Lesson 7: Caliber Basics
Lesson 8: Firearm Safety Basics
Lesson 9: Transporting Firearms Safely
Lesson 10: Buying & Selling