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Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet 2-Pack (U.S. Veteran Owner)

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ACTICON IS A COMBAT VETERAN OWNED COMPANY – STURDIEST AND BEST BUILT GUN MAGNET ON AMAZON – Made out of actual neodymium precious metal alloy and real rubber coating, not the “fridge strength” mangets like some of other cheap imitations.
 MOUNT ANY FIREARM  MOUNT ANYWHERE: Compact handguns — Mid-Sized Handguns — Full-Sized Handguns — Shotguns — Under your bed — In a dresser — In a safe — Under your desk — In a car
 SIMPLE & FAST INSTALLATION  ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED: Adhesive backing to stick magnet (even upside down) before screwing. Unlike other magnets sold on Amazon the drywall and regular size screws with instructions are included
 PROTECTIVE COATING: Gun Magnet has a rubber coating that WILL NOT scratch your firearm