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Are you stuck for gift ideas for the gun lover in your life? Well, relax, it’s easier than you think. Try some of these suggestions:

Holsters and Accessories

Gun Belt

When your gun lover carries apiece, a regular belt won’t do. At Concealment Express, we offer a premium, full-grain leather gun belt with a stainless steel buckle. This classy belt won’t stretch, bend, or sag. It’s made in the USA and we back it with our lifetime warranty.

From $59.99 here at Concealment Express.

Inside-The-Waistband Holster

Perfect for gun lovers with a concealed carry license. Our durable, lightweight Kydex® holsters keep moisture away from the handgun. They are comfortable enough to wear all day. Available for right and left-handed draw.

From 36.95 here at Concealment Express

Tuckable Inside-The-Waistband Holster

Your concealed-carry-licensed gun lover can pack heat and have that sharp, tucked-in look at the same time. At Concealment Express, we have the finest Kydex® inside-the-waistband holsters you can find. 

And we ship it to you fast! Order by 3pm Eastern Time and we’ll send it out the same day.

From $36.95 here at Concealment Express.

Custom Color Holsters

How about adding some color to your gift? We have earth tone colors like Desert Tan and Foliage Green. We also have bright colors such as Hunter Orange, Tiffany Blue, Zombie Green, and Bubblegum Pink.

From $49.95 here at Concealment Express.

Camo Holsters

We have a wide variety of camouflage styles infused into our Kydex® holsters. Choose from woodland, desert, arctic, urban, and more. We even have branded camo patterns like Mossy Oak, Realtree, and True Timber.

From $59.95 here at Concealment Express.

Magazine Holster

Your gun guru can conceal and carry an extra magazine with this durable Kydex® magazine holster. It’s easy to set up for left or right hand draw. Perfect for wearing inside the waistband or out.

Available for mags of popular handguns like M1911, Glock 43, Sig Sauer P365, and more.

From $19.95 here at Concealment Express.

Gifts For New Gun Owners

You may know someone who bought his first gun not long ago. It’s a mighty hefty cash layout. Not like a down payment on a mortgage or a new car, but enough that he probably didn’t have enough left over to buy other stuff. Here’s what you can get your gun newbie -

Gun Cleaning Kit

The basics reign supreme. While your favorite gun geek shoots, carbon builds up on the barrel, the chamber, and all the internal parts. Cleaning after every range session keeps a gun working like it should. 


Ammunition is a great gift for any gun lover. Gun newbies may buy only a box or two to get started. When you have a gun, there’s no such thing as too much ammo. Make sure you get the right caliber.


You can’t let your gun lover go to the range without a nice supply of targets. These adhesive Splatterburst targets stick to almost anything, no matter what the temperature. When the bullet hits the target, it leaves a fluorescent splatter pattern against the black background. The shooter doesn’t have to walk down range to see where they hit. They come with adhesive black dots so your shooter can cover splatters from a shooting session. That way you he or she can use one target over and over.

Zombie Targets

What gun buff doesn’t enjoy emptying a magazine or two on some zombies? 

Hearing and Eye Protection

Gunshots are loud. A few shots without hearing protection can ruin your pistol pundit’s hearing faster than hours of headbanging at a rock concert. And bullets can kick up dirt, gravel, and debris. Nobody wants that in their eyes. So give the gift of safety with earplugs or earmuffs and safety glasses. 

Tradesmart makes a fine hearing and eye protection kit. It includes earmuffs that reduce noise at 6 different levels, a set of earplugs, and safety glasses made to fit with the earmuffs. The kit includes a microfiber carrying pouch.

Range Membership

A lot of ranges charge an hourly rate of $15.00 or higher. Get your gun lover a membership and he or she can send slugs downrange ‘til the heart’s content.

Gun Safety Gifts

Responsible gun owners are all about safety. Whether they have guns for sports shooting, hunting, or home defense, they do all they can to keep their families out of harm’s way.

Children’s Book about Gun Safety

What makes children’s books so appealing is that they entertain while they teach. Parents can use children’s stories to instill gun safety values in their young-uns (or young guns). So why not get them a gift that teaches gun safety?

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety.

Firearms instructor, marksmanship champion, and mother, Julie Golob encourages families to start teaching children early about gun safety. With lots of charming illustrations by Nancy Batra, the primary lesson is that toys are fun to play with, but tools and guns aren't toys.

There’s Only One You!: A Gun Safety Book For Children.

Former Army special ops sniper team leader, Ryan Gleckner, teaches the lesson that everybody makes mistakes, but there’s no room for mistakes with guns. The friendly advice to children: “Stop, get way, and tell an adult.”

Gun Safe

The gun lover in your life certainly wants to keep firearms out of the reach of her kids and their playmates. So give the gift of security with a gun safe. There are lots of different styles and functions to choose from.

The Vaultek VT20i Compact Safe works with an app on your smart device or a biometric scanner that can recognize up to 20 fingerprints.

Girls Just Want To Have Guns

Concealed Carry Purse

Chic gun chicks can pack their heat in style. Concealed-carry purses have a special gun compartment. If a close-range threat appears, she won’t even have to draw. She can shoot from inside the purse.

Gifts For Enterprising Gun Lovers

What if your firearm fan already has all the gun-related stuff anybody could ever ask for? Why not encourage him or her to take gun love to the next level - make it a career! 

Gunsmithing Courses

Give your gun guy or gun gal armorers’ lessons on DVD.

FFL Guide

The Ultimate FFL Resource Guide by Justin J. McShane, et al gives your gun aficionado all the resources needed to get a Federal Firearms License (FFL). What serious shooter wouldn’t want a gun-centric career? What’s even cooler - an FFL holder can buy his own guns at wholesale prices.

Let The Gun Lover Choose

Gift Card

Still at a loss? Give a gift card.

Concealment Express.




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17 Best Gifts for Gun Lovers