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When it comes to choosing the best concealed holster, there are a few critical factors to consider.

Many people use an IWB or inside the waistband holster. This is because of their ease-of-use. IWB holsters keep your concealed carry conveniently close to your shooting hand but are easier to conceal than OWB holsters or outside the waistband holsters.

IWB holsters are not a one-size-fits-all product. They are made to meet the concealed carry needs of a diverse range of people. Here are five essential factors for you to consider whenchoosing the best IWB holster for you.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best IWB Concealed Holster for You

1. Material

While there are various types of holster materials available to choose from, leather and Kydex are two of the most popular options.

While leather is long-lasting and provides a classic look, Kydex holsters are considered the safer option. This is because Kydex material is not as slippery as leather, and it maintains its form better over time.

Kydex holsters are also cost-effective and durable. They can withstand dirt, moisture, and even high temperatures without sustaining damage. This means that Kydex holsters work equally well across various climates, unlike leather holsters, which can become sticky in locations with high heat and humidity.

Kydex holsters can also be personalized withcustom Kydex holsters in tasteful colors and designs.

2. Safety Features

When deciding on an IWB holster, think about the specific safety features you require.

Consider the range of activities you complete on any given day. Even if you are not highly active throughout a typical day, it is good to be prepared for any scenario.

When searching for an IWB holster, look at the retention features. The best IWB holsters will have retention features that ensure a secure fit. The fit will help you avoid losing control of your weapon.

Many holsters also include an audible click feature that alerts the carrier when the gun is in its proper position.

3. Correct Fit


The best concealed holster largely depends on finding the right fit, and there are a few factors that determine that a holster fits correctly.

First, you need to research the best IWB holsters for your particular handgun. Holsters come in various styles to accommodate different guns and gun sizes.

Take the time to discover which carrying position is comfortable. While hip carry is the most common choice, you may find you prefer appendix or small-of-the-back carry options.

The best concealed carry holsters are adaptable, and they can accommodate several carrying positions. This gives you the ability to try out different carrying styles and the option to change your carry style in the future.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best IWB Concealed Holster for You

  • 4. Functionality

  • The clothing choices you make, such as wearing a larger pant size, will contribute to how comfortable you remain throughout the day, but the holster itself will also play a role. Because you will wear your IWB holster all day or for extended periods, it must be comfortable. If the holster you choose is uncomfortable, it will not be functional.

    Part of the comfort equation is the weight of the holster you select. This is a typical comfort feature, and lightweight holsters are generally easy to find.

    The waistband of your pants and your conceal carry belt are two additional factors that can be tailored for comfort. For IWB holsters, it is best to wear a larger size than you would normally wear. This will allow your concealed carry to sit comfortably in the waistband without printing.

    Search for a holster that works with your dominant hand or the hand you draw your gun with. When you are purchasing holsters online, most platforms will designate whether a holster is a right- or left-handed option.

    While concealed carries typically sit on the side of your dominant hand, cross-draw options are also available. This is best for individuals who anticipate they may have to draw from a seated position.

    Finally, there are ambidextrous options for lefties or those who can draw with both hands and need a holster that is adaptable for use with either hand.

    5. Concealability

    man drawing conceal carry pistol

    Because some states have an open carry ban, or if you want to achieve a wholly concealed look for other reasons, you need to consider how your weapon is concealed.

    Part of achieving full concealment will depend on your clothing choices. Wearing looser, structured clothing will help you to keep your handgun concealed and avoid printing.

    If you are still concerned about your concealed carry being apparent, look for a company or brand that offers minimalist holster options. These minimize the bulk of standard holsters.

    The importance ofchoosing the best concealed holster for you cannot be overstated. The proper holster will keep your handgun in a secure position, so it is readily available when you need it most.

    5 Tips for Choosing the Best IWB Concealed Holster for You

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    5 Tips for Choosing the Best IWB Concealed Holster for You