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Smith & Wesson has been manufacturing firearms since 1852, making them one of the oldest and most respected in the industry. Producing one of the first competitors to Samuel Colt’s revolving pistol has put them at the forefront of innovation since the mid-1800s. 

It is well known that Smith & Wesson is a name that you can trust. When coupled with one of our IWB holsters, the combination just might be the best possible conceal and carry option out there. If you pair the world’s best holster with your Smith & Wesson pistol, you can rest assured that when the time comes, you will be ready.

Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ

The M&P 380 Shield EZ was built for personal protection. These pistols are small, compact and easy to use in any conditions, making them a great choice for an everyday conceal and carry weapon. 

We designed a special waistband holster to carry this compact pistol that is virtually undetectable, no matter where you go. These holsters are comfortable and provide you with the option of all-day use. Also, you can adjust the ride height and the cant to fit your own personal preference, giving you total control of how you wear your pistol. 

The Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ is a great choice for someone looking for a compact pistol with low recoil. Its innovative design makes it easy to conceal.

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 9/40 Compact (4.0") / Full-Size (4.25") IWB Kydex Holster

9mm pistol with bullets

The larger of the M&P comes in both 9mm and 40 Cal, which offers a bigger bullet for more knockdown power. They are available in either a compact format — which has a 4-inch barrel — or a full-size model that has a 4.25-inch barrel. While this may be slightly larger than other conceal and carry pistols, it is still a great option. 

Smith & Wesson has worked diligently to create a slim design that offers concealability while also giving you a larger caliber pistol. That is why many people choose this model as their personal defense handgun.

This newly designed M & P holster has a minimalist design, meant to be as small and lightweight as possible while still offering a stable platform to carry your pistol. Whether you have the compact or the full size, you can be certain that an inside the waistband holster will be able to conceal your Smith & Wesson M2.0.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380

The Bodyguard series includes the smallest pistols made by Smith & Wesson. These come in 380 and offer you a subcompact pistol that is well built, easy to use and made from a high-strength polymer frame that can carry 6 + 1. 

At a mere 5.3 inches, the S&W 380 is a small pistol, and when used with an inside the waistband holster, it’s so easy to conceal. This holster and pistol were made for one another. They are both lightweight and durable, and you will be surprised at how small the whole package is. You will almost forget that you are concealing and carrying when you are using this pistol and holster combination. 

Final Thoughts

waistband holster

Smith & Wesson has a long tradition of innovation and building quality pistols that generations of Americans have relied on for their safety. These pistols offer some of the best personal protection, and you will certainly be satisfied with the quality of these legendary firearms. 

When it comes to protection, look no further than Concealment Express. We offer the best holsters on the market, designed to offer unparalleled concealability and comfort.

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