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Since 1949, Ruger has been a respected and popular brand in the firearm industry that manufactures rifles, pistols and revolvers. Ruger offers full-size as well as compact pistols, and both models make a great addition to any gun collection.

Many Ruger pistols are also a great option for those who are looking to conceal and carry. They have a number of compact pistols to choose from, and while Ruger makes selecting a firearm easy, choosing the right inside the waistband holster can be a little more challenging. 

Ruger LCP & LCP II

Ruger LCP & LCP II

The Ruger LCP is the smallest and most compact pistol that Ruger produces. It comes in at 5.16 inches long and 3.6 inches tall. It is only available in .380 auto, but this little round can pack a punch in any self-defense situation. It comes with a six-round magazine, but you can purchase a seven-round magazine as well.  This is an excellent pistol for anyone looking for an easily concealable pistol.

The best choice for carrying the Ruger LCP or LCPII is an inside the waistband holster. Its small size makes it one of the easiest to conceal with a shirt or jacket. Nobody will ever know that you are carrying a firearm. At Concealment Express, we offer the LCP IWB holster, which is a great choice for those looking to conceal and carry their Ruger LCP. The innovative design of this holster gives the carrier a number of different positions to choose from and allows for quick and easy holstering and unholstering. 

With the popularity of the LCP, Ruger decided to take the LCP frame and improve upon it.  They developed the LCPII, which has everything you love about the LCP, but with a few added features. One of the biggest improvements was the sights, as they made the hammer recessed with the slide which allows for better visibility. They also cut down on the trigger pull, which makes it much easier to shoot consistently. 

They maintained the compact design that makes it great for concealing and carrying.  Concealment Express offers the LCPII IWB Holster as well.  Either of these pistols made by Ruger are a great choice when it comes to conceal and carrying.

Ruger LC9s

Another great sub compact pistol from Ruger is the LC9s.  This is a slim, lightweight and easily concealable pistol that comes in 9mm Luger. So, it will pack a little more punch that the LCP series pistol.  This is a great choice for any shooter that is looking for an easy concealable self defense pistol in 9mm. 

It comes with a seven round magazine, and is only slightly larger than the LCP series.  So, this means you can carry more rounds in the deadly 9mm.  Another great improvement on this gun is the trigger system.  It has a short and crisp trigger pull so that you can stay on target with follow up shots.  For a subcompact pistol, this is one of the easiest guns to control no matter your skill level. 

The compact size of this gun makes it a great conceal and carry. To make sure you can easily conceal your LC9s Concealment Express offers Ruger LC9s IWB holsters in black and carbon fiber black.  This is a great pistol for someone who is looking to pack a little larger punch than the LCP series, without giving up concealability. 

Ruger SR9C

For some shooters, the Ruger LCP is a little too small for their hands. Ruger’s answer to this is the SR9C. This pistol offers the compact size of the LCP, but it is a little larger and easier to control when shooting. This 9mm Luger comes with a finger grip extension that has a 17-round magazine, allowing you to carry 18 rounds total. The increased rounds and overall power of the 9mm make the SR9C a great choice for conceal carry.

While the pistol is a little larger, you don’t have to give up its concealment. It is still small enough to carry in your everyday street clothes. The best holster for this gun is the Ruger SR9C IWB KYDEX Holster, which has an adjustable cant that allows the user to decide what feels best. It also gives you a number of options on how to carry, whether behind the back, at the appendix or whatever position makes you comfortable.

1911 Series

1911 Series

The 1911 series remains to be one of the most popular handguns in American history. It has served alongside the U.S. military for 75 years, and it is still carried today by U.S. Special Operations. So, it’s not suprising that this gun is popular in the concealed carry world as well. Ruger also makes 1911-style pistols in both full-size and compact sizes.

Whether you choose to carry the compact or the full size, you don’t have to worry about people spotting it with an IWB holster. Although the 1911 is larger, using an IWB holster will allow you to conceal the gun easily in any situation. Its seamless design allows for the user decide the perfect way to conceal and carry in comfort.


Ruger is a premier firearms company. Their quality of product and longtime tradition has created some of the best firearms available today. If you choose to carry a Ruger, you will not be disappointed, whether it’s a compact or a full-size 1911. 

Whichever Ruger suits you best, make sure that you pick a holster that can match the quality and performance of this well-known brand. For anyone concerned about overall concealability, your best option is to choose an inside the waistband holster for total discretion.

At Concealment Express, we make the best inside the waistband holsters on the market today. Their innovative design is customer oriented to make sure the holster works for every individual. From adjustable retention to the integrated sweat guard to the lifetime warranty, Concealment Express has you covered when you need it most.                                                                                                    


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