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Choosing a Gun Holster

Chances are that before you purchased your gun, you put in long hours of research about which one was right for you. Though it may not seem like you need to put this same level of consideration into your holster, it is important to remember that how you carry your gun is just as critical as which gun you have decided to carry. 

Holsters come in all types of materials and styles, which means the choice can be overwhelming, especially if you are a new shooter. Keep reading for a few tips on how to choose the right gun holster for your needs. 

1. Consider the Material

Remember that your gun must be comfortable to wear, otherwise you will either be miserable, or you won't carry consistently. This is why it's important to choose the right material. 

Generally, the most popular options are leather and Kydex. Leather has the benefit of being tough but also molding to the shape of your gun and your body for added comfort. It can stretch out over time, however, so you will have to perform a bit of maintenance periodically to keep proper retention in a leather holster. 

Kydex is a thermoplastic, which means it is incredibly sturdy and will never stretch or lose retention, nor will its shape change when your weapon is drawn. 

One additional point to consider when choosing a material is that softer materials like leather or textiles will change shape when your weapon is drawn, and this can make reholstering much more difficult. Hard materials like Kydex will retain their open shape for quick, seamless reholstering. 

2. Think About Your Lifestyle

The entire point of a concealed carry weapon is for it to remain concealed and unnoticed until it is needed. This means that not only should you consider comfort but what kind of lifestyle you lead. 

For most people, a simple open-top holster with friction retention is sufficient. However, if you lead a particularly active lifestyle or will be carrying in unusual situations, you should test out holsters that feature some type of retention device to keep your weapon secure at all times.

3. Test Different Positions

Most holsters that are intended to be worn inside the waistband can be positioned in several ways. When choosing an inside the waistband, or IWB, holster, you will almost always want to select one that is compatible with your strong side. 

Good holsters come in left-handed or right-handed options. The most common carry positions are 3 o'clock or 5 o'clock for right-handed people and 7 o'clock or 9 o'clock for lefties. How you choose to position your weapon should be based on your natural draw stroke and accessibility. 

Keep in mind that you will generally need to go up a pant size with an IWB holster to allow for a comfortable carry.

Overall, choosing the right gun holster is just as personal and just as important as choosing the right gun. Concealment Express offers a broad range of American-made Kydex IWB holsters that are perfect for all of your concealed carry needs.



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How to Choose the Right Gun Holster