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Before you start carrying a concealed gun, you need to know how to pick the best OWB holster for concealment. Choosing the right holster will improve your security and comfort while helping you save money in the long run.

Below, we offer some general and specific tips for choosing the best OWB holster for concealment. As daily carriers, we have experience with many different types of OWB holsters. Our advice can help you focus on the top holsters for you and your gun. Remember that you will need to think about your unique needs and body type before you invest in a holster.

The Best OWB Holster for Concealment Matches Your Gun

Every gun has unique characteristics. The bets OWB holster for concealment needs to match your gun’s dimensions and features. Our holster for the Sig Sauer P320 Compact, for instance, has a different shape and size than our holster for the Sig Sauer P320 Full Size.

Never accept a holster that wasn’t made for your gun. You could end up with a design that lets your weapon flop around during the day. At worst, it will create safety issues. At best, it will annoy you.

Look for Features That You Can Adjust to Your Preferences

The best OWB holster for concealment needs to match your body as well as your gun. Small differences can have a big impact on how quickly you draw your weapon. 

We make our OWB holsters so you can adjust the ride height and cant. You get to choose between three right height options (standard, deep, and shallow). The level that you choose will depend on your height, clothing, and what conceals your weapon best.

You can adjust the cant -15 to +15 degrees. Adjusting the cant will make it easier for you to grab your pistol’s grip in a hurry. After some practice, your hand will automatically go to the grip. The more you practice, the more effective you will become at drawing your weapon and securing your environment.

If you can’t adjust a holsters ride height and cant, then you can’t make it match your body. Look for a better option that conforms to your needs.

Make Sure the OWB Holster Conceals Your Weapon

Keeping your gun outside of your waistband doesn’t always provide the best concealment. That’s one of the reasons that some people choose IWB holsters. Unfortunately, IWB holsters can feel uncomfortable when they rub against your body during a long day. If you experience discomfort, then you will need to pick the best OWB holster for concealment that actually works well.

We make all of our holsters to ride high enough that you can cover them with a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt. Very few will notice that you have a holster attached to your belt.

Choose a Holster Made of Durable Materials

In our opinion, Kydex makes the best material for holsters. It’s thin, lightweight, and protects your gun. Plus, it’s extremely durable. You can expect it to last a lifetime. You don’t even have to think much about maintenance. As long as you wipe off the dust and any dirt that accumulates, your holster will look terrific for decades.

We didn’t stop when we decided that Kydex works amazingly well. We also wanted to find hardware that would hold our holsters together well and let you make adjustments as needed. It didn’t take long before we settled on oxide steel hardware. The oxide steel hardware doesn’t rust easily. It helps that the black color blends in with the holster, making it even easier for you to conceal your weapon.

Our hardware has a threadlock that holds everything in place. Even if you spend your days doing hard work, the threadlock hardware will keep your holster and gun in position.

Focus on Holsters That Fit Into Your Budget

You want an excellent OWB holster that fits your gun, but the holster also needs to fit your budget. When you first start looking at holsters for your CCW, you might feel drawn to beautiful leather options with designs carved into their surfaces. Leather can look amazing, but it also tends to cost quite a bit.

Nylon could look like a strong option for the opposite reason. The material has a very low price that will appeal to the penny-pincher in you. While you don't want to spend more than you can afford, you also don't want to waste money on a holster that won't hold up to years of wear and tear. Nylon rarely lasts more than a few years of daily use, so you can end up spending a lot of money on them. 

For most people, it makes more sense to choose Kydex OWN holsters. Kydex costs more than nylon and less than most leather. By spending just a little more upfront, you can get decades of use from your holster. 

Our OWB Kydex holsters cost less than $60, so you get a good price on an item that will last a long time.

Buy From a Company You Can Trust

We manufacture all of our OWB holsters in the United States from durable Kydex. Every holster matches the dimensions and features of a unique gun. Browse our online catalog to find the best OWB holster for concealment that meets your gun’s design.

We also have a large collection of OWB Kydex paddle holsters.

For extra comfort and security, wear our leather gun belt when you carry your CCW. The belt will hold your holster in position and distribute your gun’s weight around your waist.

We’re excited to introduce you to our line of OWB holsters. We believe so much in our products that we give you a lifetime guarantee with every purchase. If you ever experience any problems with your holster, contact us. We’ll make it right by replacing anything that doesn’t meet your expectations.

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