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Second only to your choice of weapon, choosing the right holster for your concealed carry is an important decision that requires serious consideration. Finding the right high-quality holster is what will allow you to comfortably and confidently carry your weapon, keeping you and the people around you safe.

Do I Need a Holster?

Yes! There are not many situations more dangerous than walking around with a loaded gun in the waistband of your pants instead of in a purpose-made holster. It takes only a few minor movements to accidentally disengage the safety catch and gun trigger.

For this reason, it is essential to take your weapon and its use seriously andinvest in a concealed carry holster that covers its trigger and keeps it securely in the position that it is needed.

Quality of Your Holster Is Key

Skimping to save money on safety is never advisable, and a proper holster should always be included in your budget for a gun purchase.

To protect your investment, do your research and read up on the manufacturer online. You will find reviews and ratings for many of the products available. Additionally, look into their warranty policy. A quality manufacturer should offer a lifetime warranty for its product.

Safety Advantages

Many of the handmade concealed carry holsters available online today include built-in safety features at no extra cost to you, such as trigger covers and an audible click feature to alert you when your gun is correctly holstered.

Holster Durability


While we all love the charm of leather holsters, a worn holster that has lost its shape and retention is a useless holster.

Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material originally used in aircraft interiors. This speaks to their durability, but Kydex holsters also offer a range of other benefits that make them the perfect choice for concealed carriers.

Kydex is not only low maintenance but also maintains its shape over time. Itpossesses an impressive Rockwell Scale hardness of 90, while a steel knife typically rates between 55 and 60, giving you an idea of just how tough Kydex is.

Though Kydex may not seem as stylish, in comparison to leather for some, it is a superior choice in safety, reliability, and bang for your buck.

Holster Comfort

If your holster is uncomfortable to wear throughout the day, you are not going to carry your gun, and a concealed a carry isn’t protecting anyone sitting at home in your gun safe. A high-quality concealed carry holster, many of which are handmade in the U.S., can make carrying a gun more comfortable.

Many holsters are designed to distribute the weight of your gun evenly. A well-designed holster also offers a barrier between your firearm and your body, preventing the metal of the gun from rubbing against your skin.

Holsters should be comfortable enough for all day, everyday wear and be easy to tuck away.

Protection for Your Firearm

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Kydex materials do not absorb moisture and oil, and they are non-corrosive. Guns, conversely, can rust and, without a protective Kydex covering, your gun is exposed to the corrosive effects of moisture, which can hinder both its appearance and performance.

Additionally, a good-quality holster will fit your gun correctly, protecting its surface from daily wear and tear, dust, and residue.

Reliability in All Seasons

Kydex material stands up well to daily use, even in extreme weather. The nature of leather as a pliable material means that leather holsters become loose in warmer climates and stiff in colder ones, compromising your grip.

Kydex, meanwhile, holds up to sweat, heat, rain, or snow without suffering compromised performance. This means you can comfortably and confidently carry your firearm no matter what your climate.

Peace of Mind

A high-quality,handmade-in-the-USA IWB holster offers its wearer lasting peace of mind for numerous reasons. First, they are built to last. While it may seem like an investment at the outset, top-tier holsters from reputable manufacturers come with a lifetime guarantee.

Additionally, the leading holster producers in the industry guarantee 100% handmade-in-the-USA products, and you can rest assured that your holster affords lasting quality that was ethically and expertly manufactured right here at home.

Take the time to research online the various options available for outfitting your firearm. Remember, when purchasing a high-quality holster, you are not only investing in a holster, you are investing in the priceless safety of your loved ones and you.

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The Importance of Quality When Choosing a Holster