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Like most gun aficionados, you'll probably shoot just about anywhere you have the opportunity. Still, it's nice to experience a wide variety of shooting situations, including gun ranges. While you might have limited access to just a few shooting ranges in your immediate area, there are hundreds of great locations around the country, and these top ten ranges are well worth a visit if you're ever nearby. 

Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond, Virginia

As the biggest indoor range in America, Colonial Shooting Academy can accommodate a large crowd. Come fully stocked with your own gear and equipment or take advantage of their full selection of guns and ammunition for sale on-site.

MGV Gun Range in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you like big guns, then Machine Gun Vegas is a must-see location. While you can't bring in firearms, the available assortment to rent includes fully automatic weapons. Also, you can take advantage of the private VIP lanes that come with complimentary drinks - non-alcoholic, of course.

Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club in Waterloo, New York

This location makes the list of best shooting ranges for its ridiculous affordability with member shoots as cheap as $2 per session. There are lanes available both inside and out, and the club periodically hosts competitive shooting events.

Sage Rifle and Pistol Club in Garden City, Kansas

While its size doesn't set it apart, this range is open 24-7, so you can shoot any time it strikes your fancy. This location is a membership club, but it's only $50 per year, so if you visit the area even occasionally, it's worth the price.

Las Vegas Gun Garage in Las Vegas, Nevada

With ten available shooting lanes, Las Vegas Gun Garage is a high-class range that offers a full Vegas experience. The location takes reservations for bachelor and bachelorette parties and has both semi- and fully automatic weapons available to patrons.

Top Gun Shooting Sports in Arnold, Mississippi

Designed for both safety and enjoyment, this location allows you to either bring your firearm or rent from their stock. The indoor range has a reputation for safety and offers a more realistic shooting experience with life-like animals as targets. 

Scottsdale Gun Club in Scottsdale, Arizona

Though the 32 lanes are nothing to sneeze at, it's the weapon variety and technology that make Scottsdale Gun Club stand out. Visitors can use any of the club's arsenal, including an assortment of fully automatic weapons, and each lane is equipped with a computerized control panel for customized shooting experiences. While this is a membership club, guests can use the range for just $15.

Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas, Texas

If you're looking for variety, this outdoor range is a top choice for trap, clay and skeet shooting. Visitors can pick from a wide variety of courses covering an impressive 467 acres.

Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn, Virginia

Scenario-based gun ranges are usually reserved for law enforcement and not open to the public, so the Silver Eagle Group is a gem with full public access to both training rooms and traditional range shooting. You can reserve areas for private events and either bring your own guns or rent from their on-site arsenal.

Shooter's World in Tampa, Florida

No other Florida shooting range boasts a larger location, and Shooter's World offers steel targets for its patrons. You can bring in firearms or if you come in a group, rentals are available.

Whether you are shooting at one of these top gun ranges or using your firearm in a private location, having the right gear is important. At Concealment Express, we sell a full assortment of holsters and accessories for gun enthusiasts, and we're here to help you choose the perfect product for your next shooting adventure.

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Top 10 Shooting Ranges in the U.S.