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Smith & Wesson 9mm pistols are some of the most popular models on the market. From the M&P series to the SD9, to the Performance Center series, these guns are built for performance and durability. Many makes come ready to outfit with your favorite optical accessories to optimize your accuracy and maximize your enjoyment of your Smith & Wesson handgun.

Optical accessories have many benefits, including for tactical self- and home-defense. Laser sights, tactical flashlights, and sights allow you to accurately aim and shoot in all lighting, ensuring that you'll have the upper hand in a dangerous situation. At the range, you'll waste fewer bullets with better accuracy with these optical accessories.

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1.) Laser Sights

A laser is an important tool for use in self- and home-defense purposes. No matter where you are located, whether you are hiding or at a different height, you can rest assured that your laser sight will give you the proper angle to make the right shot. In a darkened house or in a nighttime alleyway, your laser sight can help ensure you don't miss when it counts.

One of the options offered on the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm is the integrated Crimson Trace Red Laser. This laser comes already installed with an easy-to-reach activation button. It's adjustable for both windage and elevation and features a pulse setting. It's an excellent value for a great gun. The M&P Shield changed the game when it entered the market in 2012. 

The M&P 9 Shield M2.0 is incredibly slim and lightweight, making it a perfect choice for concealed carry. While the M&P Shield 45 is another popular choice, the 9mm carries the same stopping power with a slightly higher capacity and in a smaller package. 

While purchasing your M&P 9mm with the Crimson Trace laser is handy, you may wish to invest in another brand or type of laser. You can purchase a green Crimson Trace laser directly from Crimson Trace for your Smith and Wesson M&P Shield or order the M&P Pro Series with the green laser. There are also combination flashlights/lasers which tack on to your front rail and put two tactical advantages into one package.

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2.) Tactical Flashlights

A tactical flashlight is another great accessory to add on to your Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun. A tactical flashlight gives you an advantage over threats by allowing you to see their position in the dark or to temporarily blind them with the LED light. You will be better able to confirm a target before firing with a tactical flashlight as your guide. As a bonus, if the power goes out and you're carrying, you'll always have a flashlight on hand to make your way through your home or through a crowd.

Tactical flashlights for Smith & Wesson guns can be purchased and mounted on the front bottom in front of the trigger guard. Many tactical flashlights also come as a combination laser/flashlight, which is a great combination tool to add to your pistol.

A tactical flashlight for your gun will typically emit between 1,000 and 3,200 lumens of light, which can be extremely disorienting to any bad guy who is hiding in the darkness. It also doesn't leave many places for him to hide. Some tactical flashlights come with adjustable lamps so you can zoom or widen your light.

3.) Night Sights

Tritium night sights take the place of the standard iron white-dot sights that come standard on most Smith & Wesson models. Tritium is a hydrogen isotope that uses radioactive decay to emit light in a tube that is completely safe to handle and carry. These sights don't need to be charged and will last for about 12 years before they begin to dim. They will need to be replaced every 20-25 years afterward.

Tritium night sights allow you to line up your target in any darkened area, and they function well during both day and nighttime situations. They are the best choice for home-defense and self-defense and concealed carry in your Smith & Wesson holsters.

Fiber optic sights are another popular choice for Smith & Wesson firearms. Smith & Wesson offers its SD9 and M&P series with Hi Viz fiber optic sights. Fiber optic sights work by capturing light and funneling it through a non-light bending tube, which makes the sights light up for added accuracy.

While fiber optic sights are great for daytime shooting, their performance at night or in the dark depends on the amount of available ambient light. A bright streetlight might allow these sights to work great, but, if you're in a dark room in your home with no ambient light, the fiber optics will not work. Fiber optic sights are great for Smith & Wesson hobby guns, but not so much for concealed carry.



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