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Buying a pistol is an intricate affair but a great investment. A lot of time and effort goes to choosing the perfect pistol that will serve its desired purpose. If you are a gun enthusiast, having a bad one must be the first of your worries. With the availability of many types of pistols in the market, it’s possible to get stuck between different options.

Thanks to this article, you will have a good idea of different types of pistols. It takes you through the most effective pistols in terms of accuracy, reliability, lightweight, and ease of handling. Read on!

CZ 75B

Born in the Czech Republic, adored all over the world, is this state-of-the-art pistol. The CZ 75B is highly aesthetic with a great ergonomic design. It combines form with function, two features that make this pistol a darling to many.

This eye-pleasing firearm is popular among elite military forces and police divisions all over the world. What makes it so unique is the presence of slide rails inside the frame. This design reduces muzzle flip, making it easy to rapid-fire accurately with a comfortable control. Thanks to its little recoil, the CZ 75B is very smooth during shooting.

Its high-end ergonomics makes it feel natural in hand. Within its grip is a 16-round magazine of 9mm. Users love the smooth trigger that gives a crisp break. The CZ 75B fits in ultra-modern holsters, making it one of the most relaxed types of pistols to carry.

Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is an Italian masterclass and one of the best modern pistols. It beats many pistols to become the US military’s most popular handgun. It functions very well, regardless of the conditions. Unlike other pistols that jam easily, the Beretta 92 is very reliable. It can fire accurately, even in the harshest conditions such as snowy weather.

This heavy-duty metal pistol recoils a 9mm cartridge without any issue. If you are a gun amateur, this might be the best pistol to start with. With a reduced slide weight and slight recoil, it’s smooth to give you a fantastic gun handling experience. It holds up to 17 rounds of ammunition with a flush-fit magazine.

This firearm has different finishes. The beautiful Inox variant is perhaps the most popular of all. The Beretta M9 military variant features a finish designed to function in salty oceans, deserts, jungles, and snowy areas. If you want to purchase this pistol, also check out its custom, tuckable holster for maximum safety.

Glock 19

Do you like the popular types of pistols? If yes, this might be your ideal partner. The Glock 19 is a 9mm semi-automatic handgun highly popular amongst gun owners in America. It’s a typical weapon with high functionality, smooth recoil, and fantastic design. What’s more interesting about this firearm is its ease of storage. All you need is a well-engineered holster to keep it in position.

The Glock’s marksman barrel has polygonal rifling, and a new flared magazine ideal for smooth reloads. The straight-grip design fits hands very well to facilitate accurate firing. Despite being a rather new gun, it’s compatible with other magazines. If you want a self-protection weapon, Glock 19 gives you all that you can anticipate for. It’s durable, resistant to corrosion, and scratch-resistant. The startling grip and high accuracy make this firearm ideal for training.

SIG P226

The Sig P229 is a legendary firearm much known for its preference by the elite Navy Seals. This gun has an all-steel construction that makes it easy, smooth recoils. It allows rapid-fire with high accuracy, perhaps the reason the Navy SEALs recognized its potential.

The Sig P226 semi-automatic handgun comes with a double-action trigger to maximize safety and reduce issues of accidental discharge. However, it doesn’t come with a standard safety feature. With the aid of a de-cocker, you can lower the hammer safely to set the pistol in double action.

If you are skeptical about your shooting capabilities, this gun might be ideal for you. Its high accuracy coupled with an excellent trigger helps new users attain maximum shooting precision. The Sig Lite night sight feature helps the user shoot well despite low lighting. The Sig Saucer holster is readily available, and you can purchase one to secure this pistol.

Smith and Wesson 9mm M&P Shield

Do you want an easily concealable firearm? If then, you have the right partner in the Smith and Wesson M&P shield. With a concealable holster, you can safely hold your gun in its appropriate position. The M&P Shield is an extremely lightweight, tactical weapon designed to offer maximum protection to the user.

Its polymer frame a rigid chassis system with embedded stainless steel. You can easily disassemble this weapon thanks to its sear deactivation system and take-down lever.

The M&P Shield is among the lightest types of pistols. Its unloaded weight lies just under 20 ounces. This makes the weapon great for marksmanship and rapid shooting. The standard trigger safety and optional thumb safety features make it safer to handle.

Heckler and Koch USP

This HP universal self-loading pistol originates from the Herman Heckler and Koch Company. It was mainly designed to suit both police and military markets as well as ordinary civilians. This pistol has a polymer frame and steel side. Its parts have an exceptional finish that protects it against wear and corrosion. It can withstand long periods in salty conditions without wearing out.

Most surprising, Heckler and Koch were so confident with this firearm that they gave it a lifetime warranty. Its service life extends to twenty thousand shots. The magazine holds up to 15 rounds and has ambidextrous release button. It’s accurate within 50 meters and has a maximum fire range of about 60 meters. Under the barrel are various mounting grooves to hold accessories.

Walther P99 Pistol

Produced in the 90s, the Walther P99 is a popular firearm among law enforcers around the world. It is a highly reliable, short-recoil weapon with an unusual trigger mechanism. The Walther P99 has a double-action mode similar to that of hammer-fired pistols. However, it can still fire in a single-action mode with high precision.

If you want to deliver a quick action or act in an immediate situation, the Walther P99QA version comes in. It features a pre-cocked trigger that launches a constant trigger pull from the first to last bullet. The automatic firing pin adds to its safety.

The Walther P99 has a unique decocking button located on top of the slide. The Walther P99’s controls are fully ambidextrous for both the left and right side operations. The magazine capacity varies from 8 to 16 rounds. It all depends on the caliber and version.

This pistol has three interchangeable backstraps depending on the size of the shooter. The accessory rail under the barrel enables the handler to fit items such as tactical flashlight and laser pointer. With an IWB holster, you can conceal this weapon as much as you anticipate.

Springfield XD MOD2

Do you love a pistol with a fantastic grip? The Springfield XD is an archetype of the most famous line of pistols enhanced for comfortable shooting. With a variety of features, the Springfield is among the most reliable 9mm guns ever produced.

How about a 5.25-inch barrel that gives an excellent sight radius? It not only makes shooting easy but more accurately especially at long ranges. Although many types of pistols come with complete slides, Springfield XD has a cut to reduce weight. The reduced weight allows the pistol to cycle faster and reduce recoil.

This gun has a solid trigger pull. You can easily feel and hear its reset. The full-sized polymer frame makes it hard to beat.

Ruger Koenig Custom Shop 1911

This is a rather new pistol designed to win. For new shooters, this is a darling, not only due to its feature-richness but also perfect grip. The improved recoil control helps the shooter concentrate on accuracy.

Like other modern firearms, the Ruger Koenig has flat trigger shoe. The middle finger's high cut behind the trigger guard enhances more control and higher grip than the conventional 1911s. A 25 lines-per-inch checkering on the flat mainspring housing and front strap aids its control.

Colt 1911

The COLT 1911 is a somewhat heavier and larger types of pistols. Notably, this handgun which doesn’t carry many bullets. However, there is every reason why you will love it.

Its most significant strength lies in its reliability factor. Alongside reliability is a great security feature to keep the user safe regardless of what transpires. The upswept beavertail grip safety gives you the required grip to help you fire the gun. To increase its longevity, this pistol comes with a dual spring recoil system.

With a cheap, easy-to-get 1911 holster, you don’t have to worry about its concealment.

The Bottom Line

Have you had a hard time deciding between these types of pistols? All these options will lead you to a desirable product. If you are an amateur, the CZ 75 will give you a great experience. On the other hand, the Beretta 92FS will come handy in harsh conditions. The M&P Shield will provide you with more accurate rounds and conceal easily.

 Up to this point, you have all it takes to make a quick decision. Always check at accuracy, recoil, and handiness when choosing your favorite pistols. Above all, always remember to buy a holster to keep your gun secure.


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Understanding the different Types of Pistols