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You can probably take the risk of buying some items made in foreign countries. A t-shirt made in China might not last as long as one made in the US, but it’s cheap and you can just buy a new one when it wears out. A skillet produced in Indonesia might not look as nice as one made in the US, but you can cook with it.

You need a much higher set of standards when you buy a concealed carry holster. You need the best concealed carry holster that will always work perfectly for you. The stakes are too high for you to take a chance on a holster made outside of the US.

Yes, you might pay a little more money for a US-made holster. At Rounded, we think it’s worth paying the higher price. Let’s explore some of the reasons that we choose to make our holsters in the United States. You could discover some benefits you haven’t considered before.

You Cannot Compromise on the Quality of a Gun Holster

Would you carry a gun you don’t trust to fire when you pull the trigger? Of course not! Gun violence has been growing for years. In 2019, the US experienced 38,355 total deaths involving guns. Recent statistics show that many cities are on track to bypass their current gun violence records.

With more than 105 people dying per day, you must carry a reliable weapon you trust will protect you during confrontations.

You need the same reliability from your holster. You need to know that your concealed gun will stay in place so you can grab it automatically without fumbling around. You cannot tolerate cheap materials that could fall apart at the worst possible moment.

At Rounded, we can make the best concealed carry holsters because we work with American suppliers to access high-quality materials like Kydex, fiber-reinforced stealth belt loops, and all-black oxide steel hardware with Threadlock.

We trust our holsters so much that we give you an unconditional lifetime warranty on every product. It’s an easy promise to make because our holsters last for decades. We design them to last!

Shipping Takes Less Time Within the US

The 2020 pandemic taught people a lot of things, including how long it can take to receive products shipped from overseas. Ongoing outbreaks continue to delay shipping and increase costs well into 2022.

The US experienced some mild delays within its borders, but they were nothing compared to international shipping delays.

At Rounded, we can ensure that all in-stock orders placed between 2 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, leave our warehouse on the same day. Even custom orders ship within three days.

For the fastest shipping, you can choose UPS Overnight, which will deliver your order to you within one day. Even standard USPS shipping from our facility takes only three to five days.

You will never get your order that quickly when you buy from a company located outside of the United States.

You Avoid Delays From Supply Chain Disruptions

Shipping delays aren’t the only problem you encounter when buying from companies that source materials or use production facilities located overseas. Supply chain disruptions can make it impossible for companies to deliver your concealed carry holster for weeks or months.

Several types of events can disrupt supply chains, including disease and political uprisings.

At Rounded, we keep our supply chains simple by working with other American companies. No matter what happens elsewhere, we have strong supply chains that give us access to all of the materials we need to manufacture the best concealed carry holsters.

Buying Products Made in the US Supports the US Economy

The United States has an astronomical trade deficit. Every year, the US imports more products than it exports. As a result, billions of dollars leave the American economy.

It’s an ongoing problem that has been worsening for decades. This situation puts the US economy in a perilous position. The country doesn’t keep its wealth within its borders. Instead, it distributes money to other countries. Those countries don’t reciprocate by buying nearly as many products from the US. If they did, global trade wouldn’t create nearly as many issues for the United States.

Since we make all of our holsters in the US from materials produced in the US, you get to support the American economy while getting one of the best concealed carry holsters available. It’s a win-win for you and the country’s economy.

Buying American Means You Don’t Support Human Rights Violations

The United States has strict regulations that help protect worker safety and rights. While people can disagree about whether the regulations go far enough, no one would willingly exchange a job in the US for one in Bangladesh, which has some of the world’s worst working conditions.

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for American consumers to keep up with the working conditions in countries thousands of miles from where they live. Organizations like Human Rights Watch can help you stay informed, but you would have to do a lot of research to find countries you trust to protect workers’ rights.

To make matters worse, plenty of American companies purchase materials manufactured in other countries. Their global supply chains hide the true origins of products. If you have seen the phrase “Assembled in the United States” printed on an item, you have to wonder where the materials are from. Why doesn’t the item proclaim “Made in the United States”? Maybe because the company hasn’t earned the right to use that label.

We work exclusively with American suppliers. When you buy our products, you know that you support American workers who earn living wages in safe factories.

Get US-Made Holsters From Rounded

Now that you know some of the most important reasons to purchase products made in the US, we encourage you to purchase from  Rounded today. By doing so, you can improve your safety and convenience while contributing to a strong American economy that supports its workers.

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