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Finding the most comfortable concealed carry holster will make it easier for you to carry your handgun daily. The slightest discomfort will eventually make you leave your gun at home. Over a few weeks, you get tired of the discomfort, so you stop carrying. That can put you and others in dangerous situations.

We've reviewed some of the best holsters on the market to help you choose an option that feels right on your body.

Deep Concealment Holsters

Deep concealment holsters do their jobs well by eliminating printing. With the right deep concealment holster, even a professional can't spot your weapon.

As far as comfort goes, it depends on the type of deep concealment holster you choose. IWB and OWB holsters can hide your weapon very well when you use a holster claw kit that angles the gun towards your body. Most people find them very comfortable.

Other deep concealment holsters can restrict your movement. It won't take long before you abandon those uncomfortable designs.

Ankle Holsters

Once you get used to them, ankle holsters feel quite comfortable. You probably won't even notice the holster above your ankle. You probably don't want to use it as your primary self-defense weapon, but it makes a great backup option.

For the best results, only use ankle holsters designed for lightweight guns. Otherwise, they can interfere with your movement. You will regret that the next time you need to run to avoid danger.

Belly Band Holsters

At first glance, belly band holsters don't look like the most comfortable concealed carry holsters. A lot of people love them, though, because they can position their guns practically anywhere around their midsections.

Not to sound rude, but belly band holsters usually work best for thin people. If you have a gut, look for better holster fits that can accommodate your size. After all, you deserve comfort and protection no matter what size you are.

Shoulder Holsters

You've probably seen a ton of shoulder holsters in detective movies. There's no denying that they feel comfortable. They distribute your gun's weight evenly and keep the firearm out of your way.

You can run into a problem, though. When it gets hot and you want to take off your jacket, everyone can see your weapons. Suddenly, you don't have a concealed carry holster. You're carrying in the open.

Leather Holsters

Leather has a soft feel that many people enjoy. Plus, leather has a timeless look that's attractive. When you think about leather from a concealment perspective, though, you start to doubt its effectiveness.

Why does leather's beauty matter when you want to hide your holster and gun? To make matters even worse, most holsters use thick leather that leaves visible printing on your shirt or pants.

Leather has its place, but you should probably reserve it for open carry. It doesn't make a great option for concealed carry.

Kydex Holsters

We firmly believe that Kydex material makes the best, most comfortable concealed carry holsters. The benefits of Kydex include:

  • Durability that means you only need thin strips that won't leave visible printing.
  • A sleek surface that slides against skin and metal without creating much friction.
  • Moisture resistance that prevents the holster from chaffing against your side.

We like Kydex so much that we use it to make all of our holsters.

OWB Holsters (Outside the Waistband)

Well made OWB holsters stand out as some of the most comfortable concealed carry holsters. These concealment holsters rest on the outside of your waistband. Ideally, this prevents your holster or gun from rubbing against your skin. As long as you leave your shirt untucked, you can usually conceal the gun even though it sits outside of your waistband.

If you don't care much about concealment, you can get an OWB belt loop holster. They give you easy access to your weapon. Plus they can help distribute your gun's weight across your belt. If you value comfort and accessibility over concealment, consider a belt loop holster.

Tuckable and IWB Holsters (Inside the Waistband holsters)

IWB holsters give you terrific concealment because they keep your gun inside your waistband. As long as you leave your shirt untucked, having your gun located inside your waistband shouldn't reduce access.

Kydex IWB holsters are extremely comfortable because they create very little friction between the material and your skin. After a few days, you won't even notice the holster. You might get a different experience from IWB holsters made from materials like nylon and leather. They're just too abrasive for sensitive parts of your body.

If you don't like tuckable IWB holsters, you can choose IWB holsters that connect to your belt loop. For greater comfort and support, get a leather gun belt and belt clips designed specifically for concealed carry holsters.

Hybrid Holsters

If you're not sure what type of holster you want, you can get a hybrid tuckable IWB holster that attaches to your belt (or waistband) in two places while keeping your gun inside your waistband. A lot of people find this option comfortable because the double clips spread their guns' weight over a larger area. That probably doesn't matter if you carry an extremely compact gun. If you prefer full-sizes weapons, though, a hybrid holster can make your day much more comfortable.

Appendix Carry Holsters

Appendix carry holsters sit between your front pocket and pants button. Many people like them because the position gives them easy access to their weapons. They can also eliminate printing.

Are appendix carry holsters comfortable? That depends on a few things. The holster fit matters a lot. You need an appendix holster that will slide into your pants easily and give you quick access to your weapon. If it doesn't fit well, then it will press against your midsection. Eventually, it will cause chaffing and bruises.

If you're a slender person with plenty of room between your belly and your waistband, then an appendix carry holster can feel very comfortable. Keep in mind that you can often use tuckable IWB holsters as appendix holsters. You don't necessarily have to find a holster that's marketed as such for appendix carry.

Pocket Carry Holsters

We'll come out and admit that we don't care for pocket carry holsters. If you have a tiny gun that fits in your front pocket, we don't advise keeping it there.

Do they count as some of the most comfortable concealed carry holsters? No. In fact, they're pretty uncomfortable when they get in the wrong position. One second, you're walking down the street with confidence. Suddenly, you're tugging at a gun that has gotten lodged against your crotch. We're not trying to sound gross. That's just the reality of carrying a gun in your front pocket.

We also doubt whether pocket carry holsters count as concealed carry holsters. They almost always leave an imprint of the gun. You have to wear very loose pants to prevent imprinting. At that point, you will have to fish around your pocket to find your weapon. You don't have time for that in an emergency situation.

Take our advice and stay away from pocket carry holsters. They cause too much trouble.

Browse Our Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Holsters

AtConcealment Express, we do everything possible to give you the most comfortable concealed carry holsters. We specialize in IWB Kydex, tuckable IWB Kydex, OWB paddle Kydex, OWB belt loop, and hybrid tuckable holsters.

You'll notice that we make all of our holsters from Kydex material. We chose Kydex for several reasons, including:

  • Its exceptional durability that makes it last a lifetime.
  • Its hardness that prevents micro-abrasions to the holster and your gun.
  • Its ability to protect your skin from the heat of a recently fired weapon.
  • Its moldable properties, which makes it possible for every holster to match your gun's dimensions perfectly.
  • Its sleek, attractive appearance.

To ensure the perfection of every holster, we have them made by hand in the United States. We take pride in every product we ship to our customers. In fact, we give you a lifetime warranty. If you ever have any problems with one of our Concealment Express holsters, we will send you a replacement.


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