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In the world of concealed carry, smaller is better. With technology becoming more advanced by the day, firearm manufacturers are able to make guns more portable and more powerful. Finding the perfect balance between size and potency is the key to producing the ideal concealed weapon. A wide range of pocket-sized pistols are available today for civilian purchase, but none quite get it right like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. This little bodyguard is one of the best concealed carry guns on the market--and here's why.

Small Size and Light Weight

The main feature that most people look for in a concealed weapon is portability. The S&W M&P Shield 9mm is a single stack firearm with a very slim slide that measures just under 1" in thickness. That slimness goes all the way from the slide down through the entire frame. Since width contributes to printing through clothing, thinner is always better. The MP Shield is also shorter in height than the compact variant. Longer grips make concealment difficult, but that's a non-issue with this pistol. Weighing in at under 21 ounces, you'll be able to carry the MP Shield all day with ease.

Solid Trigger

While a little heavy at the advertised 6.5 pounds, the S&W Shield has a solid combat trigger. Unlike the triggers of its much larger cousins, which were somewhat spongy and didn't have a very audible reset, the bang switch on the Shield is tactile and predictable. Knowing when a trigger breaks is important in a defensive handgun because you train with the expectation that it's the same every time.

Good Capacity

During a defensive shooting, your motor skills are going to take a big hit. You'll want as many rounds in the mag as you can get. With a standard capacity of 7 rounds and an extended capacity of 8, the Shield gives you enough firepower to get out of just about any situation alive. Many similar single-stack 9mm guns limit you to 6 rounds.

Great Ergonomics

When a gun feels better in your hand, you'll often shoot better with it. The MP Shield is designed purposefully for concealed carry. It has smooth curves and rounded edges so as to prevent snagging on clothing during a draw. The trigger guard is oversized for speedy access to the trigger, and the magazine release is ideally located and easily actuated. The Shield's grip is comfortable and provides adequate traction, even for sweaty hands. It's also not too short, like that of many concealed weapon designs, allowing for solid recoil management during fire.


With a suggested retail price of just $449, the S&W Shield 9mm is pretty affordable. Real-world pricing is closer to $400, but you may be able to snag one for about $350 during a sale. With the money that you'd save buying a Shield instead of a pricier competitor, you'd be able to invest in a nice carry holster. ConcealmentExpress.com carries a wide variety of quality IWB concealment holsters for the Shield at excellent prices.

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