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Life in the backcountry is beautiful and unpredictable. A backcountry camping or fishing trip is often full of idyllic memories; however, there are always risks to anticipate when you’re out in nature. Whether it’s dangerous wildlife or other threats, a concealed carry weapon can help improve your confidence and your sense of preparedness. 

Carrying Concealed

While you may possess a concealed carry permit, it’s essential to know the laws and regulations where you plan to go camping or fishing. Firearms may be restricted in that area, or concealed carry may even be disallowed.

Familiarize yourself with local and state laws, so you comply with the Fish and Game Commission and other authorities.

Defend Yourself Against Snakes

Snakes often live by the water, posing a special threat to anglers and to backcountry campers who need access to running water. According to an article in Business Insider, snakes pose a far deadlier threat to human life than sharks. Whereas sharks kill an estimated 10 people each year, venomous snakes kill at least 20,000 to 94,000 people. This is a conservative estimate, as many snakebite deaths occur in very rural and hard-to-document locations. 

With the threat that snakes pose, many fish and game commissions across the U.S. declare it legal to kill aggressive, venomous snakes that pose a threat to human life. This means that it isn’t legal to shoot and kill a snake that isn’t bothering you. However, if a venomous snake threatens you or a member of your fishing or hunting party, it’s important to protect yourself. 

For this reason, it’s recommended that backcountry outdoorsmen and anglers carry a concealed weapon. Before you venture out into the woods, obtain a concealed carry permit and a reliable IWB holster. With a firearm, a reliable holster, and a permit, you can safely and legally defend a member of your party from a venomous and life-threatening snake. 

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Bears and Mountain Lions: Dangerous Mammals

If you’re going on a backcountry camping or fishing trip to bear country, a concealed carry weapon and holster can provide added protection. Consider a weapon like the Ruger GP100, which packs enough of a punch to stop a bear but is easily carried in a concealed holster. 

Whenever you’re planning your backcountry trip, consider what animals pose the most threat. If you’re in mountain lion country, remember they hunt by stealth and that you will need a weapon that’s strong enough to stop them with one shot. While many species of bear don’t actively hunt humans, they can be cantankerous creatures that inflict serious damage when provoked or if you get too close to their cubs. 

Do your research and find the weapon that will be best at stopping the animal that poses the largest threat to the safety of your party. 

The Most Dangerous Mammals

It is an unfortunate truth that one of the biggest threats to human life often comes from other human beings. While you’re out in the backcountry, you may face a threat from an intruder who wants to do you and your camping party harm or steal your supplies.

This is especially important to remember for individuals in the backcountry on their own, as a single individual can sometimes look like an easy target. Fishing or camping solo in the backcountry is one of life’s great joys, but it’s important to be prepared. 


Choosing the Weapon and Holster Combination That’s Right for You

As you choose the weapon and holster combination that will serve you best in the backcountry, consider the major threat sources you may encounter. Where are you venturing, and at what time of year? Does your biggest threat come from human beings, bears, mountain lions, snakes, or other sources? 

Once you’ve identified the primary source or sources of threat to your safety in the backcountry or your fishing expedition, do some research or talk to a concealed carryweapons expert about what your best options might be. Next, consider how you will feel most comfortable carrying your weapon. When you purchase your holster, try to find one that would work well with your outdoor pursuits, give you quick access to your weapon, and keep your gun clean and dry amid the outdoor activities.  


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Why You Should Bring a Concealed Weapon Along on Your Next Backcountry Camping or Fishing Trip