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A concealed carry holster should last for a very long time, so you want to choose an option that matches your needs perfectly. Many people buying their first gun holsters, however, don’t know what features to look for. Whether you plan to carry a compact or full size handgun, you should look for these five features before you buy your next deep concealment holster.

1) A Holster Style That Conceals Your Weapon

Companies make a variety of hostler styles that can conceal your weapon. Some popular styles include:

Typically, you can expect belly, ankle, hybrid, and inside the waistband holsters to conceal your weapon well. Other options can get the job done, but you need to pay close attention to how you hide your gun. For example, you need to wear a jacket if you plan to use a shoulder holster.

2) Dimensions That Fit Your Gun Model

Your holster should hold your gun firmly in place. You don’t want to feel your weapon moving about during the day.

You can get a more comfortable, secure fit by choosing a holster with dimensions that match your gun model. For example, if you carry a Ruger LC9, you should use a holster designed specifically for the LC9.

A holster that’s too tight or too loose won’t give you a great experience. Spend some time looking for holster offers that fit your favorite gun models.

3) Comfort That Makes It Easy to Carry Your Firearm

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying your gun, you will probably start leaving it at home. Find a holster that helps you stay comfortable throughout the day, even when you have an active day ahead of you that requires a lot of movement.

Your comfort depends on more than the holster and your gun, though. If you don’t like tuckable holsters, you should consider getting a gun belt that will support your holster and gun's weight. Similarly, if you prefer the appendix carry position, find a holster that feels comfortable against your appendix.

4) Easy Access to Your Gun During Tense Situations

When you experience a tense situation, your body will go into fight or flight mode. The rush of adrenaline can cause shaking hands that make it difficult to hold your gun steady.

You can’t always control your emotional and physical reactions to threats. However, you can choose a concealed carry holster that makes it easier for you to draw your gun.

Look for tuckable, OWB, IWB, and hybrid holsters that let you set the grip’s angle. Adjusting your holster by a few degrees could make it much easier for you to access your gun during tense situations.

Regardless of how tense a situation is, drawing your firearm should be the last ditch option.

5) Attractive, Durable Materials

A great holster should look good and last for decades. Some people love leather holsters because they have a beautiful aesthetic. It’s hard to beat the classic look of leather. Aesthetics don’t matter quite as much, though, when you want to conceal your weapon.

Many concealed carriers prefer Kydex over leather because the material looks good and has a more durable build than leather. Kydex can also protect your gun from moisture. Its scratch-resistant properties and smooth surface mean that you can draw your weapon quickly without interference from friction.

Find the Right Concealed Carry Holster for Your Gun

At Concealment Express, we believe that you deserve a holster that you can rely on for the rest of your life. We sell a wide range of Kydex holsters manufactured within the United States. We believe in our holsters so much that we include a lifetime warranty with every purchase.

Contact us if you have any questions about the right concealed carry holster for your gun. Our customer service department will make sure you get the perfect holster the first time you order from us.

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Bob Arama
Bob Arama

January 31, 2021

I received my Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster a couple of months ago and could not possibly be more pleased.
I find it to be extremely comfortable, incredibly well made, perform amazingly well, and an excellent bargain.
It is the only holster I even consider wearing for my EDC.
I will certainly come to Concealment Express for any future needs as well.
Thank you for a great product CE!👍🏻

John T Lewis
John T Lewis

January 31, 2021

My latest purchase was a left hand IWB for my “Hellcat”. It’s so comfortable that I don’t even feel like I have it on. Thanks for a wonderful product.

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5 Things to Look for in Your Next Concealed Carry Holster