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Have you tried carrying your gun in an IWB Kydex holster? Learn more about the benefits of IWB Kydex holsters before you buy your next holster.

As you browse our selection of concealed carry holsters, you will probably notice that we sell IWB Kydex designs for most popular handguns. If you’re not familiar with IWB Kydex holsters, you might wonder why we emphasize them so much. What makes IWB Kydex holsters better than other options for your CCW?

Since we hear that question often, we wanted to let you know about some of the top benefits of buying and using an IWB Kydex holster. Once you know the benefits, we think that you will want to get one of our gun holsters for your collection.

1. An IWB Holster Gives You Deeper Concealment

You probably already know that IWB stands for “inside the waistband.” With an IWB gun holster, you get deeper concealment because your weapon stays pressed against your body and covered by your clothing.

When you use an OWB Kydex holster, you have to leave your shirt untucked to prevent people from seeing your gun. An IWB holster will conceal your weapon, whether you prefer your shirt tucked or untucked.

An IWB holster also helps conceal your weapon by keeping the gun’s barrel inside your pants.

Most of our IWB Kydex holsters prevent your gun from pressing against your clothes, which makes the weapon’s imprint visible. For additional concealment, add a holster claw kit that angles your grip inward and eliminates printing. Even people trained to detect concealed weapons will have a hard time spotting a gun inside an IWB holster paired with a claw.

2. You Can Choose Practically Any Position With an IWB Holster

An IWB Kydex holster lets you choose practically any popular carry position, including:

  • Appendix carry
  • Small of the back carry
  • Kidney carry
  • The 3 o’clock position

With a high-quality IWB holster, you can choose the carry position that feels most comfortable to you. You can also practice drawing from your preferred position to improve your speed and accuracy. When you need to confront danger, you can rely on your muscle memory to keep you safe.

A tuckable holster will even let you move your holster position throughout the day to help you stay comfortable and match your security needs. Carrying your CCW at the small of your back might make sense while you walk, but you wouldn't want to keep it there while sitting in a chair for longer than a few minutes.

3. You Can Carry Your Kydex Holster Anywhere on Your Belt

We make two types of IWB Kydex holsters. A regular IWB holster lets you thread your belt through a loop that keeps the holster and CCW firmly in place. Alternatively, you can choose atuckable IWB holster that clips onto your belt and sits inside your waistband. Some people prefer regular IWB holsters because they offer a little more security. Other daily carriers like tuckable IWB holsters because they can take them off when they sit down at their desks or enter a place that doesn’t allow firearms.

Regardless of which design sounds like the better fit for you, consider getting aleather gun belt that will hold your weapon in position throughout the day. You can use other types of belts, but they won’t ensure the same level of stability, security, and comfort that you get from a gun belt.

4. IWB Kydex Holsters Can Carry Most Popular CCWs

We make a range of IWB Kydex holsters so you can choose one that matches your gun’s specific dimensions and features. Some of our most popular IWB holsters fit guns like:

Search our catalog of IWB Kydex holsters to find a design that matches every gun in your collection.

5. Kydex Gun Holsters Protect Your Gun From Moisture

Ideally, you never want your gun to get wet. A Kydex gun holster will protect your weapon from all types of moisture, including sweat and rain. The only time your gun will get wet is when you need to draw it from the holster and use it for protection. Other than those rare moments, you don’t need to worry about moisture affecting your gun.

6. Kydex Gun Holsters Can Improve Your Draw Speed

Since Kydex gun holsters prevent scratch and moisture, they can improve your draw speed. Other materials can slow your draw speed over time. Leather, for example, may collect moisture that makes the gun stick to the holster. Tiny scratches on your gun or the inside of your holster can also create friction that slows you down.

When you need to draw your weapon, every second matters. Even a fraction of a second could mean the difference between you creating a safe environment and someone else hurting people. If an IWB Kydex gun holster can give you the slightest advantage, you should take it.

We Give You High-Quality Customer Service and CCW Products

Obviously, we love IWB Kydex holsters. Not all of them work as well as ours do, though. We do everything possible to make sure you get the best customer services and products.

We reach these goals by:

  • Manufacturing all of our holsters in the United States.
  • Making IWB Kydex holsters for as many CCWs as possible.
  • Giving you a lifetime warranty for every holster you buy from us.
  • Shipping all in-stock holsters within one business day.
  • Keeping our holsters in stock so you can get them as quickly as possible.

We want to make sure that you get the perfect holster for your weapon. Not everyone prefers wearing IWB holsters. If you prefer keeping your gun on the outside of your waistband, browse our large collection of OWB Kydex paddle holsters. They offer many of the same benefits that you get from our IWB holsters. As long as you choose a well-made Kydex holster that meets your CCW’s requirements, you will have better opportunities to protect yourself, your family, and any innocent people near you.

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6 Benefits of an IWB Kydex Holster