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The Ruger EC9S is a popular CCW for everyday carriers. Is it the right handgun for you? That depends on what you want from your next gun. If you decide to purchase a Ruger EC9S, pair it with a Concealment Express holster to improve your security and comfort.

Ruger EC9S Specifications

Many people appreciate the Ruger EC9S because it has a small build and light weight that makes it easy to conceal. The gun has an overall length of 6 inches. It isn’t the shortest pistol in the world, but it’s extremely compact. It measures 4.5 inches high and 0.9 inches wide. The Ruger EC9S weighs 17.2 ounces, which puts it just slightly over a pound. Practically anyone can carry this gun all day without feeling uncomfortable or tired.

Ruger EC9S Bullets and Capacity

The Ruger EC9S is a 9mm luger that carries 7+1 rounds. You don’t get a lot of shots with the EC9S, but that’s a drawback of choosing an extremely concealable weapon.

When deciding whether you want to get an EC9S, ask yourself whether 8 rounds are enough. Keep in mind that you can secure most situations with only a few bullets. Ideally, you won’t need to use your weapon against anyone. A lot of times, merely having a gun will persuade criminals to avoid altercations.

If you’re on the fence about whether 8 bullets will satisfy you, consider spending more time practicing at your local shooting range. The better you get at handling your gun, the more accurate and effective you become. Everyone who carries should practice often. It’s what responsible owners do to make sure they can secure situations without putting others in danger.

The Ruger EC9S Can Fit Any Budget

The Ruger EC9S has a lot of features that make it a good option for every day carrying. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much money to protect yourself.

The EC9S sells for about $300 when you buy it at a retail store. You won’t find many reliable guns that cost less than that. Once you dip below the $300 line, you usually find faulty, inaccurate guns that jam easily. If possible, avoid such cheap models. They could cause more problems than they solve. You need an accurate weapon to keep yourself and others safe.

Get a Concealment Express Holster for Your Ruger EC9S

If you decide to purchase a Ruger EC9S CCW, you can make the gun more useful, secure, and comfortable by carrying it in a Concealment Express holster.

We make three holster types for the Ruger EC9S.

Our OWB Kydex paddle holster keeps the gun on the outside of your belt. Some people prefer the OWB design because they can access their weapons quickly. The trade-off is that everyone will know you have a pistol on your belt.

Our IWB Kydex holster puts the Ruger EC9S on the inside of your belt, where it stays close to your body. This option makes it easy for you to conceal your weapon. As long as you don’t tuck in your shirt, you can still access your weapon quickly. With guns as small as the EC9S, one of our IWB holsters makes it nearly impossible for most people to know you’re carrying.

If you don’t always wear a belt, it might make sense for you to get one of our tuckable IWB Kydex holsters. No matter what pants you wear, you can always carry your EC95 with you.

The Ruger EC95 is an affordable, concealable weapon that can keep you and other people safe. Pair it with one of our holsters to make the gun even more effective.

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Ruger EC9S Features and Specs