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The world doesn’t become a safe place just because you want to go for a jog or play basketball at the neighborhood court. Unfortunately, more than 14,000 homicides involving guns take place in the U.S. every year. The statistic doesn’t pause because you want to get exercise and stay healthy.

Defend Yourself When You Look Unprotected

Criminals aren’t exactly the bravest people in the world. More often than not, they look for easy targets. For them, the ideal target is someone who will immediately hand over their cash and valuables without so much as saying a word in their defense.

Because of this, you become a more attractive target when you’re out exercising. You’re probably alone. You might be in an area without a lot of people nearby.

Perhaps most importantly: you look like you don’t have a way of defending yourself.

Athletic wear holsters flip the script by letting you carry your CCW even when you’re wearing athletic gear. When a thief steps forward to threaten you, you have a way to even the odds. Suddenly, the criminal has a change of heart. Now, they’re the ones getting some cardio as they run from you.

Stay Active With a Lightweight CCW

At Concealment Express, we make an athletic wear tuckable IWB holster designed to carry dozens of gun models. If you put on your sports gear because you plan to stay active for a while, it makes sense for you to choose a lightweight concealed carry weapon.

Our athletic wear holster can help you comfortably carry options like:

If you know that a heavier gun will restrict your movement, choose a small, lightweight model that won’t slow you down. Our athletic wear holster gives you plenty of options.

A Reliable Clip Keeps Your Holster and Gun in Position

When we started to design our athletic wear holster, we knew that keeping the holster and gun in position would create challenges. We found the solution by adding the UltiClip 3+. It takes a firm grip on clothing that works nearly as well as a holster secured by a gun belt.

If you worry that the standard UltiClip 3+ won’t meet your standards, you can upgrade to the UltiClip XL. It’s a seriously impressive clip that will hold any compatible gun in place.

Go for a run. Take a hike. Play a game of soccer. Your holster will stay right where you need it.

The IWB Adds Stealth to Your Concealed Carry Weapon

Obviously, there are some limitations when you start to make a concealment holster for athletic clothing. With regular holsters, you can count on people to choose clothing that adds some security. A jacket or sweater can easily cover any visible part of the holster, clip, or gun.

When we designed a holster for athletic gear, we knew that a lot of people would use it while wearing lightweight, tight clothing. Some men might go out for a run in floppy t-shirts that cover their holsters. Most women, though, seem to wear tight, sweat-wicking clothes that provide much coverage.

We focused on making an IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster that concealed itself whether you wear a tucked or untucked shirt. Part of our approach included removing every piece of material that we didn’t think was absolutely necessary. A smaller, lighter holster doesn’t reveal itself as easily as a bulky, heavy one.

Problems You Might Encounter (and How to Solve Them)

Athletic wear holsters have a lot of benefits. We’re not fooling ourselves, though. We know that some people will encounter problems. Offering solutions to common problems is the best thing we can do to improve your safety and security while you wear athletic clothing.

My basketball, soccer, etc. shorts can’t support the weight of my gun

If the weight of your gun keeps pulling down your athletic socks, you should consider swapping to a different type of clothing. It sounds like you’re wearing shorts with nylon waistbands (or waistbands made from a similar, very flexible material). Since these materials are designed to stretch, your gun could drag them down as you move.

Simple solution: Get athletic shorts that include a reliable drawstring. The drawstring should help keep your waistband above your hips. Before giving up on your athletic wear holster, get a sturdier pair of shorts and test them at home by jumping up and down. If the holster and gun don’t move, you have solved the problem!

My holster prints against tight leggings

Today’s leggings fit your body snugly. How can you conceal a holster and gun when your clothing is skin-tight?

Where you place your holster could make a big difference. The correct placement, however, depends on your body’s contours. Many people find that they can conceal their holsters by placing them at the smalls of their backs. There’s often a small indentation there that gives the holster a place to rest.

You have a unique body, so try these popular concealed carry positions to determine which one works best for you. You might want to ask a friend to come over and help you choose the right carrying position for your body.

Rounded Has the Right Athletic Wear Holster for You!

Our athletic wear holster gives you maximum concealment and comfort so you can stay protected everywhere you go. Of course, you get the same perks as when you buy other items from our store, including a lifetime warranty and fast shipping. In fact, we'll get your items in the mail today when you submit your order by 2 PM.

Purchase anathletic wear tuckable holster today! You will feel safer every time you leave the house!

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