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If you're a big guy, you probably hear a lot about how easy it is for you to carry a concealed weapon. A thinner friend will say something like, "Sure, YOU can get away with concealing that 8.6-inch 1911 gun – you're 6'3" and weigh 300 pounds!"

While some aspects of concealed carry are easier for large people than small people, you know that you face other challenges. It's not as simple as your girlfriend, or rail-thin marathon-running buddy thinks it is.

That's why we've put together the following list of tips to improve concealed carry for big guys. By the end of this guide, you should feel more confident wearing a holstered CCW in public.

What is a Big Guy, Anyway?

Let's go ahead and get this question out of the way. To some people, "big guy" means that you're well over 6' tall. Other people might call you a "big guy" because you wear pants with a 40-inch waist.

We're here to tell you right now that we have no reason to judge you or your body. We make gun holsters. We're not doctors. We're certainly not judging you according to your size.

What we do want is give you practical advice that could save your life. When we talk about someone having a gut that makes a 2 o'clock carry position difficult, that's all we mean. We have no interest in the size of your stomach. In our experience, though, some stomachs make an appendix carry position impossible. That's the end of the conversation. We just want you to stay safe.

Let's get to it.

IWB vs. OWB: Which Are the Best Holsters for Big Guys

At Rounded, we focus on IWB (inside-the-waistband) and OWB (outside-the-waistband) because we believe that they're the most effective designs for comfort and accessibility. We have a slight preference for IWB holsters, but we'll get to that in a second.

Pros of IWB Holsters for Big Guys

  • IWB holsters provide effective concealment for larger guns.
  • IWB holsters keep the gun closer to your body, which helps prevent imprinting.

Cons of IWB Holsters for Big Guys

  • IWB holsters usually require an extra two inches in your waistband.
  • You have to reach inside your waistband to access your CCW, which is challenging for some big guys.

Pros of OWB Holsters for Big Guys

  • Many people can draw their guns faster from OWB holsters.
  • You don't have to reach inside your waistband to access your gun.
  • You might find them more comfortable since they don't press against your skin.

Cons of OWB Holsters for Big Guys

  • It's a little more difficult to conceal firearms when you carry them outside of your waistband.
  • You might need to choose looser or longer clothing that helps hide your CCW.

Finding the Right Carry Position for Your Build

Where you wear your CCW will have a significant influence on your comfort and access. Your size may influence which carry positions feel right for you.

Appendix Position

The appendix carry position is located – not surprisingly – right where your appendix is. If you think of your waist as a clock, it's near the 2 o'clock position.

Benefits: Fast drawing position.

Challenges: A big belly could impede access.

Kidney Position

The kidney carry position is near 4 o'clock or 5 o'clock on your waist. It's between the small of your back and your hip.

Benefits: Easy access to your weapon, no matter what size you are.

Challenges: Some people find it slower to draw from the kidney position than the hip or appendix.

Small of the Back Position

This is pretty self-explanatory — you place your holster at the small of your back.

Benefits: This is an excellent position for people with ample bellies. Plus, the small of the back has an indentation that helps hide a CCW.

Challenges: You have to reach behind you to grab your pistol.

3 O'clock Position

The 3 o'clock position sits on your right hip.

Benefits: Most people find it easy to draw from the right hip, especially if they're right-handed.

Challenges: It's more noticeable than some other positions.

9 O'clock Position

The 9 o'clock position sits on your left hip.

Benefits: The benefits are the same, except they apply to left-handed people.

Challenges: A larger gun might stand out more unless you take care to hide it.

Comfortable Concealed Carry for Big Guys

Comfort isn't all about choosing between IWB and OWB, or finding a carry position that fits your body style. The build of your CCW holster can also have a significant influence on how you carry.

At Rounded, we improve the comfort and stealth of our CCW holsters by adding:

  • Full-length sweat guards that absorb moisture to keep you comfortable on hot days.
  • Fiber-reinforced stealth belt clips that help conceal your holster and CCW.
  • Adjustable cant that gives you more control over access to your gun.

If you want to further reduce imprinting, you can add a claw kit to practically all of our CCW holsters. The claw kit angles your gun's grip toward your body. Most people don't have any problem with our claw kits. If the claw causes any discomfort, you can always send it back thanks to our lifetime warranty.

Rounded Can Help You Find the Right Holster for Your CCW

Concealed carry for big guys isn't always as easy as people think. At Concealment Express, we understand that everyone has slightly different needs. We encourage you to browse all of our holster styles to find a design that looks terrific for you.

We make all of our products in the United States from high-quality products. We trust you'll love the items you get from our online store. If not, you can always return it. We don't want you to spend money on any product that doesn't match your needs!

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Tim Hendrickson
Tim Hendrickson

March 23, 2022

Your holsters are awesome! I have your IWB and OWB for all my carry pistols.

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