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Gun safety is the absolute most important thing you could need to know when carrying a concealed weapon. Even if you're well versed in using a gun, taking the appropriate measures to further your knowledge is highly recommended. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It's human nature. However, with the following concealed carry safety tips, you can deter and hopefully eliminate your chances of anything accidental happening when handling a gun. So, put your concealed weapon in your holster and avoid the most commonly made mistakes by reviewing these crucial steps.



More Than Minimum Training is Required

Even if you took a quick safety course that has qualified you to carry a concealed weapon doesn't mean that you're ready to do just that. Some states require as little as a hunter safety course to get a concealed weapon license, and as you probably already know, hunting weapons and concealed weapons are two completely different things. Learning how to safely carry a rifle in the woods doesn't necessarily mean that you're properly trained for you're in the real world situations interacting with others while you have a gun on your hip, even if it's in one of the best Kydex holsters. It is highly recommended to be proactive and engage in some classes specific to having a concealed weapons permit. A reputable course will provide you with proper, thorough training, an instructors that are willing to help you in every way possible. Learning the basics and shooting some rounds doesn't mean you're ready.

Glock 19/23/32 IWB KYDEX Holster - Concealment Express
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Purchase a High Quality Holster

Many mistakes come from purchasing a cheap nylon holster that barely serves its purpose. It is highly important to have a holster of higher quality, such as our KYDEX IWB holsters, an M&P shield holster or a glock 26 holster or glock 19 holster. The good news is that you don't have to get anything fancy, especially considering that if you're following the other tips, your KYDEX IWB holster or whatever one you choose it is likely to be covered up anyway. Whatever material you prefer, you can find a gun holster within your price range that is also going to properly retain your gun and be comfortable enough for you to wear each day. When you purchase a poorly made holster, you are more likely to finger your gun or readjust it, which are two mistakes mentioned within this article. It is also highly recommended to get more than just one IWB KYDEX Holster. Many experienced gun owners have a drawer full of holsters to ensure that they will have an appropriate fit for all kinds of clothing and activities.


Wear Proper Clothing that Conceals Your Weapon

Even though you have a concealed weapon permit, someone who sees your gun tucked into your IWB holster is likely to be frightened. This is why one of the most crucial steps to concealed weapon safety is to wear proper clothing. You never want your gun to become exposed, whether through a light colored shirt or right out in the open. That doesn't mean that your wardrobe now has to consist of baggy clothes either. You just have to be aware of where your holster is, and wear accommodating clothes. Place importance on properly covering your concealed weapon, and the stress of having a holster and gun on your hip will be decreased. 


Stop Fingering and Touching the Gun

When you first wear any holster, whether it's a IWB Holster, or something else, you will notice it at first. With a new gun, you may also be tempted to check on it just to make sure it's there, but don't. A crucial step to concealed weapon safety is to never touch your gun unless you have to. The good news is that if you do have a proper holster, you don't have to worry about your gun slipping out and the comfort will be enhanced so you will rarely feel it. This is important because every time you finger or check your gun, you are making the people around you uncomfortable and maybe even down right scared. With a bit of experience, the urge will subside. With that said, you also want to avoid readjusting your gun. Again, with a high quality KYDEX IWB holster, you will rarely feel the need to do so. If you do have to make an adjustment, do it in a locked bathroom, your car or somewhere private because the last thing you need is someone becoming suspicious and fearful of you.


Lastly, be aware of the firearm laws. This will save you a lot of trouble and is a vital component to concealed weapon safety. If the gun holster you've been using seems to be causing you to make many of the mistakes mentioned, head on over to Concealment Express. Grab yourself some high quality KYDEX holsters or some from other popular and reputable brands to ensure that you'll be concealed for every day, outfit and occasion.

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Deputy Michael Blake
Deputy Michael Blake

August 07, 2016

It is good to see some common sense instruction, instead of just “hey, buy our holster so we can make money”.

I can tell just from the information you have here, you care about the shooting public, safety and self defense. Thank you for that.

Steve Jarosz
Steve Jarosz

January 07, 2016

Great advice, Jim! ! I have two friends who are in the process of learning how to carry concealed ~ I’m trying to help them with proper gun handling & safety; your comments about being comfortable while appearing safe and unthreatening to those around you are “spot on”! It seems common sense not to cause unwanted attention! Thank you! Steve

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