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While every state regulates the sale and use of firearms in their jurisdiction, each one has different rules. Most, however, have some type of concealed carry law requiring citizens to obtain a concealed gun permit. The process is usually straightforward, often requiring education and a filing fee. Looking at the specific requirements of a few states will help you understand the variations in the law. 

Shall Issue or May Issue?

Concealed carry gun laws use specific terminology, and it's important to understand what these terms mean. If a state has a shall issue clause, every person who meets the requirements will receive a concealed carry permit. For states with a may issue clause, issuance of a permit is up to the discretion of the issuing agency, and permits may be denied even if requirements are met.


A gun permit in Arkansas is valid for five years. The state will perform a background check, complete with FBI examined fingerprints. Arkansas is a shall issue state, but only gives concealed carry permits to residents of the state. You must complete an approved safety course, be 21 and an American citizen, and not have any legal or mental issues that render you ineligible to carry. 


In Idaho, the local sheriff takes care of all concealed gun permit applications and shall issue permits to both residents and non-residents who meet the requirements. While the state is quite liberal in their gun laws, there is an extensive list of issues that exclude an applicant from obtaining a permit, including having drug addictions, a dishonorable military discharge, felonies, mental illness and restraining orders. Permits last five years, and permit holders are prohibited from carrying concealed at courthouses, detention facilities or schools. Proof of training is also required to obtain the permit.


To obtain a gun permit in Montana, you must be both a Montana and a U.S. citizen that is at least 18 years old. Montana shall issue a concealed carry permit to residents who can show that they know how to operate a firearm by presenting a valid certificate from a recognized firearm safety course, a concealed carry license from another state or proof of qualification from military training. It's also necessary to pass a background check through your local sheriff's office.


Any person who is a resident of Wyoming and can pass a background check shall be issued a concealed weapon permit. The license is valid for a five year period and is issued by the Wyoming Attorney General's office. You must be 21, not have anything on your record that would place you in a prohibited category, and either complete a training course or be qualified through military or law enforcement service to handle weapons.

If your state is not found here, a full listing of concealed carry laws and general gun law information is published on the USA Carry website. No matter where you live, a holster is needed to comply with the safe carrying requirements of a concealed gun permit. Browse our catalog today for the highest quality concealed carry holsters on the market.

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