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More and more Americans are exercising their right to carry concealed every day. Our world is a beautiful place to live--but it's also a dangerous one. You must be responsible for your own safety. Like many, you may have decided to begin carrying a firearm daily. However, carrying a gun isn't always the easiest thing to do. Some resort to leaving their lifesavers at home because of inconvenience. Don't get lazy. You're playing roulette with your life. Luckily, there's a vast array of guns and holsters dedicated to concealed carry that shouldn't make you think twice about getting strapped before heading out the door. Here are some CCW gun trends that you should definitely be following.

Polymer Striker-Fired Pistols

The polymer striker-fired handgun is today's definition of a modern defensive pistol. Holsters once armed with 1911s, CZ75s, and Beretta 92s are now riding with Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, and HK VP9s. For many concealed carriers, the advantages of striker-fired guns make them a superior choice to traditional hammer-fired pistols for the purpose of self-defense. Striker guns are lighter in weight and less tiring to carry all day long. Striker guns have simpler controls and can be faster to deploy. Striker guns have fewer moving parts and are less expensive. Modern striker guns are just as reliable as hammer-fired guns. These are pretty convincing arguments for choosing this type of firearm as your concealed carry sidearm.

Single-Stack Nines

One of the biggest gun trends today is the single-stack 9mm pistol. Why? They're thin and lightweight with a small profile and pack one of the most abundant and proven self-defense calibers around. Single-stack nines are ideal if deep concealment is your primary concern. These smaller pistols will fit nicely in most IWB holsters, and some can even be carried comfortably in a pocket holster.

Hybrid IWB Holsters

A common complaint of kydex holsters is that they're uncomfortable. A common complaint of leather holsters is that they don't have enough retention. Combine the two holster types and you get the best of both worlds--a hybrid holster. Hybrid holsters are concealed gun holsters that typically have a leather backing for added comfort and a kydex shell for an enhanced hold on the firearm. These IWB holsters are at the top of the food chain when it comes to all-day comfort and can make heavier guns feel far lighter. 

Modular Carry Rigs

If you prefer to have many options for concealed carry, a modular holster might be your best bet. Instead of having to buy multiple holsters to fill many different roles, a modular holster can be customized to go from an OWB to an IWB or a hybrid in just a few minutes. Modular holsters often allow you to adjust carry height and angle as well. With one of these, you have the ability to set up your system just the way you like it.

Some product trends aren't worth your time or money, but others become trends in the first place because they're genuinely beneficial in some way. When it comes to carry guns and concealed gun holsters, you can't ignore the trends above. Being good at self-defense really comes down to regular training and selecting the right gear for the job. Get the right CCW gear for you at Concealment Express.

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