January 10, 2018 3 min read

It's that time of the year again. SHOT Show 2018 is the world's premier firearm industry event and Concealment Express will be there! Come check us out at Booth # 3967. Gun enthusiasts from all around the globe wait patiently in anticipation of their fantasy blasters coming to life. Which new guns are you looking forward to feasting your eyes and paws on? Located at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show will run from January 23-26, 2018. Here are some highlights that you might want to keep tabs on: 


Springfield TRP Operator 10mm

The TRP is arguably the best out-of-the-box 1911 that money can buy. It's reputation for reliability, durability, and accuracy is rock solid. Although fans of the pistol enjoy shooting the traditional 45 ACP round, some have been lusting for the "bigger brother" to the TRP.

Springfield Armory just recently announced the future release of two new guns: the 10mm TRP with 5-inch barrel and 10mm TRP with 6-inch barrel. The standard 5-inch version includes a combat-style rear sight while the long barreled 6-inch version sports a fully adjustable rear. Other features include a front strap by Octo-Grip, G10 grips made by VZ, a factory speed trigger, and an ambidextrous safety lever. Both guns weigh in at 40+ ounces, and the MSRP is $1,790 for the 5-inch and $1,842 for the 6-inch. 

CZ Scorpion EVO S1 With Folding Brace 

CZ's Scorpion has been a huge hit since its release. While it's not ideal for concealed carry, fans of the 9mm "pistol" love it for another reason--SBR. Turning the EVO into a true SBR requires more time and money than most people care to spend, so the next best thing is strapping a brace onto it. SB Tactical, the leader of firearm brace products, manufactures one such brace for the little stinger, and CZ will begin offering this "fun-enabled" configuration from the factory. Suggested retail is $999.

Kimber Pistols Galore

Kimber plans to release a slew of 1911-style handguns this coming year. Among the confirmed are five KHX, five Aegis Elite, and a Stainless Target 6-inch pistol. Jumping onboard with the recent red dot trend, Kimber will design several of the aforementioned models to be "optics ready." Lots to love for Kimber fans. 

Seahorse P17 Waterproof Holster 

This is new. A drop-leg holster that actually keeps the firearm dry during carry. Geared towards professionals, Seahorse designed the holster to adapt to changes in atmospheric pressure making the firearm easily accessible in all conditions. Civilians might not get a lot of value for their money with this one, but the P17 sure is cool. Something a bit more practical for concealed carry would be a Tuckable IWB Holster from Concealment Express.

Show Show isn't like the other gun shows. This is the mother of all gun shows. 2018 is going to bring a lot to the table, and there are millions of people dying to get in on the action. From new handguns, rifles, and shotguns to new concealed carry holsters, optics, mounts, and ammo, there's no shortage of gadgets and gear for those who love things that go bang.  

Stop by Our Booth 

Concealment Express is pleased to announce our presence at the SHOT Show® 2018. Be sure to check out our booth (#3967). We offer innovative CCW holsters for every personality and body type, a lifetime guarantee, and all of our holsters are 100% made in the USA. Also, if you're interested in becoming a dealer click here for more info.

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