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The best handguns for women tend to have small dimensions, low weights, and enough power for reliable self-defense. Plenty of guns check all of the factors on that list. Still, some concealed carry weapons stand out as better options than others.

We put together the following list to help women choose concealable handguns that they can carry everywhere they go. You’ll almost certainly find a handgun that sounds like the right match for your needs!

We’ll also give you links to our US-manufactured Kydex holsters that will make your CCWs even more affordable.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is not only among the best handguns for women but also very popular globally. It is perfect for self-defense, recreation, and competition shooting. It serves all these purposes correctly without any reliability issues.

The 4th and 5th generation Glock 19 comes with a dual recoil system, which reduces the magnitude of recoil felt. It’s highly suitable for women because it requires no operation controls. A loaded Glock 19 weighs approximately 21 ounces, lighter than the majority of handguns in the market.

You can modify either a 4th or 5th generation Glock 19 to fit the right or left hand. Its popularity makes it easy to find holsters and grips, among other accessories.

Key Features of the Glock 19

  • Higher capacity than the Glock 43 (reviewed below).
  • 9mm pistol with several magazine options that can hold up to 33 rounds .
  • 2.8-inch trigger distance makes it easy to operate in tense situations.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield gives you a thin, lightweight option for terrific concealment and easy shooting. It has a polymer frame that keeps the weight at 20.8 ounces. You can carry it all day without getting tired.

Many women like the M&P Shield’s striker-fired mechanism. You don’t have to apply much pressure to the trigger to fire a shot.

Importantly, the M&P Shield comes with two magazines. One holds seven rounds and has a bottom that sits flush with the grip. The other adds a little length to the grip to give you an 8+1 capacity. Regardless of the magazine you carry, our M&P Shield holster can hold it perfectly.

Key Features of the Smith & Wesson MP Shield

  • Striker-fired mechanism.
  • Lightweight, thin build.
  • 7+1 or 8+1 carrying capacity.

Glock 43

The Glock 43 is a subcompact 9mm CCW with a 1.06-inch width and 6.26-inch overall length. With a loaded magazine, the gun weighs 20.64 ounces.

A lot of women choose the Glock 43 because they want a grip that feels comfortable in small hands. The Glock 43 has a beavertail grip design that will help you target an attacker between rounds.

You only get 6+1 rounds from the Glock 43, but it has a large magazine catch that will help you reload in a hurry when needed.

Our Kydex holster only weighs 3 ounces, so you don’t have to worry about extra weight.

Key Features of the Glock 43

  • Beavertail grip design.
  • Large magazine release.
  • Easy to conceal and carry.

Smith & Wesson M&P .380 Shield EZ

The M&P 380 Shield EZ is very similar to the 9mm M&P Shield. The .380 rounds offer some advantages, though. Thanks to the .380 rounds, the gun only weighs 18.5 ounces with an 8+1 capacity.

The .380 rounds also make sense for up-close defense. The rounds don’t pack quite as much power as 9mm rounds, so stray rounds are less likely to cause serious injuries to bystanders.

Kydex holster will help you draw quickly so you can protect yourself.

Key Features of the Smith & Wesson .380 EZ Shield

  • Very lightweight.
  • .380 rounds work well for personal defense.
  • 8+1 capacity.

Ruger LC9S

Women have several reasons to choose the Ruger LC9S. This 17.2-ounce, 6-inch long 9mm has a drift adjustable 3-Dot sight for improved accuracy. The gun also has impressive safety features, including an integrated trigger safety, magazine disconnect, and inspection port that lets you see whether you have a bullet in the chamber.

Our Ruger LC9S holster has the right dimensions for all of these features.

Key Features of the Ruger LC9S

  • 3.12-inch barrel and 0.9-inch width for easy concealment.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Dovetailed, adjusted 3-Dot sight system for accuracy.

Sig Sauer P365

With a 4.3-inch height, 1.06-inch width, and 3.1-inch barrel, few guns are easier to conceal than the Sig Sauer P365. You get a striker trigger action for easy firing, a polymer grip that keeps you in control, and an X-RAY3 sighting system for improved accuracy in all lighting conditions.

The 9mm gun comes with a 10-bullet magazine so that you can carry 10+1 9mm rounds for your protection.

Our Kydex holster will keep the gun safe from moisture, so you get a lifetime of safety.

Key Features of the Sig Sauer P365

  • Extremely easy to conceal.
  • High-capacity magazine.
  • Striker trigger for rapid firing.

Springfield XD-S Mod.2

The Springfield XD-S Mod.2 works well for women who have a general interest in firearms. The gun has all of the features that you would expect from a compact, lightweight CCW. It also has a Tritium front sight, an accessory rail for adding lights and lasers, and the option to choose between 9mm, .40 SW, and .45 ACP rounds.

Regardless of the version you choose, you can get a holster that matches the design.

Key Features of the Springfield XDS

  • Accessory rail.
  • Tritium front sights.
  • Models available for 9mm, .40 SW, or .45 ACP rounds.

Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP is one of the most compact, lightweight CCWs. Its 3.6-inch height, 0.82-inch width, and 5.16-inch overall length make it extremely easy to conceal. Plus, it only weighs 9.6 ounces.

You only get 6+1 rounds with the LCP, but you can’t beat the gun’s design. We’ve made theperfect holster for the small CCW

Key Features of the Ruger LCP

  • Extremely compact and lightweight.
  • Optional finger grip extension floorplate.
  • Recessed hammer.

Glock 42­

Nearly as impressive as the Ruger LCP, the Glock 42 has an overall length of 5.94 inches and a 4.3-inch height that makes it easy to conceal no matter where you go. A 2.4-inch trigger distance means you can fire quickly without much effort. With the 6-round magazine, the Glock 42 weighs a slight 15.87 ounces.

Keep your Glock 42 in our Kydex holster to protect it from scratches and moisture.

Key Features of the Glock 42

  • Very compact design for concealment.
  • .380 Auto rounds .
  • Short trigger distance.

Sig Sauer P938

The Sig Sauer P938 is another extremely compact, lightweight gun with impressive features. Many women say that they like the black rubber grip, 7+1 carrying capacity, SIGLITE sights, and 16-ounce weight.

We made our holster to accommodate the 7-round extended magazine.

Key Features of the Sig Sauer P938

  • FT Bullseye sight.
  • .380 Auto rounds.
  • Rubber grip for comfortable handling. 

Always Choose the Right Holster for Your Handgun

No matter which handgun you choose for personal protection, you need a holster that helps you conceal your weapon without blocking access. We make all of our holsters to meet the unique dimensions and features of the best handguns for women. We chose Kydex because it will help you draw your gun quickly when you need it. Also, the material keeps your gun in excellent condition by preventing scratches and exposure to moisture.

We have so much faith in our Kydex holsters that we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have a problem, let us know. We’re just as committed to excellent customer service as we are to making reliable holsters.

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