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The Walther PPK/s has the design and features that most people look for in their concealed carry pistols. The gun probably looks familiar even to people who don’t know that much about weapons. That’s because James Bond frequently used a Walther PPK in movies after being forced to give up his beloved Beretta in Dr. No.

Don’t buy PPK/s just because you want to feel like James Bond. (Although, you could buy it because you want to feel like Clint Eastwood. Smith & Wesson has teamed up with Walther to make a few semi-automatic pistols.)

Walther is The gun has several features that make it an excellent option for security and safety. Plus, it’s one of the easiest pocket pistols to conceal, especially when you pair it with one of our Kydex holsters specifically designed to match the gun’s dimensions.

The Walther PPK/s Has Dimensions That Make it Easy to Conceal

The Walther PPK/s has dimensions that make the gun easy to conceal. The pistol’s overall length measures 6.1 inches. It’s not the shortest gun in the world, but the 3.3-inch barrel means it won’t get in your way while you walk or run.

The height and width are what makes the PPK/s an especially good concealed carry pistol. The 4.3-inch height doesn’t take up much space on your waist. The 1-inch width makes it easy to conceal. You can reduce printing even more by adding a claw kit to your holster. The claw kit angles your grip towards your body so it doesn’t press against your clothes.

To top it off, the Walther PPK/s weighs a mere 19 ounces, which puts it just a little over one pound. You can carry that all day without feeling uncomfortable.

The PPK/s Has Good Stopping Power for Its Small Size

Walther Arms made a wise decision when it designed the PPK/s to shoot .380 ACP rounds. There’s no denying that many people automatically choose 9mm guns. We like 9mm rounds in emergency situations, but sometimes we worry they cause too much damage for personal defense.

The .380 ACP rounds have a similar size to 9mm bullets. When you need to protect yourself and others, though, you often want a shot that will disable an attacker. You don’t always want to eliminate your target. Carrying .380 bullets makes it more likely that you will reach that goal.

The Walther PPK/s has a 7+1 capacity that should give you more than enough opportunities to secure your environment.

If you want more power, consider choosing a larger gun. We think the Walther PPK/s accomplishes exactly what the designers wanted it to do.

Walther PPK/s Features That We Love

The Walther PPK/s has a lot of features we love in a CCW. We’ve broken the features into general categories to help you decide which ones matter most to you.

Features for Comfort and Control

We’ve already addressed how the PPK/s has a barrel length that helps make it a comfortable CCW. The features don’t end there.

The gun has a small grip that might concern some people. If you have larger hands, you have probably fumbled with small grips that don’t match your build. The PPK/s has an extended beavertail magazine that makes it much easier for you to maintain control over the weapon. Someone with enormous hands might not love this gun, but most people will find it very comfortable in their hands.

We also like that Walther lets you choose between two grip panels. The most popular options come in black and walnut. Both of them have textured surfaces that will help you keep a good grip even on hot, sweaty days.

Spend a little time with this gun at the range. We bet you will enjoy shooting it quite a bit.

Safety Features for the Walther PPK/s

The Walther PPK/s has the safety features that you would expect to find in a popular CCW, including:

  • A slide stop that lets you know when you have run out of rounds.
  • Manual safety located on the left side of the slide.
  • Visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.

Carrying your Walther PPK/s in our IWB Kydex holster can also increase safety. Concealing your weapon makes it unlikely that anyone will try to disarm you. Concealment can also prevent gun theft. When you open carry a gun, there is always a chance that someone could try to steal it from you. You have to pay close attention in crowds to prevent criminals from taking advantage of distractions. Keeping your PPK/s concealed makes that nearly impossible.

Features for Quick, Easy Defense

The Walther PPK/s works well for personal defense because it includes several features that will help you draw the pistol quickly and focus on your target.

The features that stand out to us include the gun’s:

  • Double action trigger that lets you cock and drop the hammer in one smooth motion. You don’t have to take your eye off the target between shots. Just squeeze the trigger until you have secured the situation.
  • An easily accessible magazine release that lets you reload quickly when you face multiple targets.
  • Simple blowback action that ejects used cartridges without hitting you (expect used cartridges to land about 20 feet from your position).
  • Front and rear sights mounted on top of the slide.
  • Option to upgrade to low-light and night sights.

With a double-action trigger system, quick magazine release, and accurate sights, the PPK/s gives you the essential features that you need for self-defense.

Quality Materials for Decades of Use

The Walther PPK/s has a low price for such an exceptional pistol. Many retailers sell them for about $650. It isn’t the cheapest CCW on the market, but you get a lot for your money considering that the stainless-steel build will last a lifetime with regular maintenance.

Is the Walther PPK/s a Good Option for You?

The PPK/s meets the federal, state, and local laws in most areas. Walther actually developed the gun to meet standards set by the Gun Control Act of 1968.

California and Massachusetts restrictions will not let you transfer the gun to another person without the right paperwork. Always make sure you check your local laws before you purchase a gun, though. Regulations can differ significantly, especially when you want a concealed carry weapon.

The “PP” in PPK/s stands for “police pistol.” The original PPK design from Walther was meant for law enforcement as well as self-defense. Today’s version offers even more security with updated features and improved accuracy. If you want a fixed barrel semi-automatic pistol in stainless steel at an affordable price, you won’t find many options better than this. It’s easy to use, maintain, and conceal. It’s what most people are looking for when they start browsing CCWs.

Our Kydex IWB Holster Makes Your PPK/s Even More Effective

Carrying the Walther PPK/s makes it possible for you to defend yourself and others when dangerous situations arise. How you carry the gun matters more than some people think. Our Kydex IWB holster has features that will add to your CCW’s effectiveness.

We make our holster with:

  • An adjustable cant.
  • Adjustable retention that makes a reassuring “click” when you fully holster your weapon.
  • Lightweight, durable Kydex.
  • A 1.5-inch fiber-reinforced stealth belt clip.

We manufacture all of our products in the United States, so we feel comfortable giving you a lifetime warranty with each purchase.

Purchase a Kydex IWB holster designed for the Walther PPK/s today so we can ship it to you within one business day. Your new holster can’t arrive too soon!

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