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As a concealed carrier in the modern world, you have plenty of holster options to consider. Most people are familiar with outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters. They’re such popular options that you probably saw them in movies long before you even bought your first gun. A regular OWB holster doesn’t fit everyone’s needs, though. That brings us to an important question: What is a paddle holster?

What Are a Paddle Holster’s Parts?

A paddle holster is made of two connected parts: a holster designed to match your gun’s dimensions and a paddle that holds your holster in place.

When you put on a paddle holster, you keep the holster part outside of your waistband. The fairly wide paddle fits inside your waistband. A clip presses the two parts together, keeping them in position even when you move.

If you want to learn more about our OWB Kydex belt loop holsters, you can find them here.

What Are the Differences Between OWB and OWB Paddle Holsters

Technically, paddle holsters are a type of OWB holster because they keep your gun outside of your waistband. There are some critical differences between the two designs, though.

The most important difference you will notice is that paddle holsters do not have loops for you to pull a belt through—instead, the holster clips to your waistband. Keep in mind that you should still wear a belt with your paddle holster. Without a reliable gun belt, the weight of your gun could easily make your pants droop. At the very least, drooping pants will make your gun more visible.

At Rounded, we make three types of gun belts that you can use to stabilize your gun, holster, and pants. Any of these options should work well with our paddle holsters, so feel free to pick one that looks best to you.

Why Do Some People Prefer Paddle Holsters?

There are a lot of potential advantages to wearing a paddle holster. Comfort plays a considerable role in why many people choose them, but the benefits don’t end there.

Increased Comfort Over Inside-the-Waistband Holsters

Concealment paddle holsters can hide your weapon without causing the discomfort that many people experience when wearing inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters. IWB holsters are great for some carriers, but not everyone can tolerate having a gun pressed against their skin all day. Paddle holsters eliminate that problem.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to carry a gun all day, it makes sense to choose an OWB option.

Paddle Holsters Make Drawing Easy

You can clip a paddle holster to any location on your waistband. You don’t have to worry about your belt loops getting in the way. Just find any position that feels right for you. With some practice, you should find that this makes drawing easier than ever.

You Can Also Re-Holster Your Gun Easily

You want to re-holster your gun as soon as you secure a situation. More often than not, a holstered gun is a safe gun.

Since your paddle holster stays on the outside of your clothing, you can re-holster it without any hesitation.

Paddle Holsters Are Easy to Put on and Take Off

Your gun doesn’t offer any protection when you leave it at home. You want to carry it as often as possible. That becomes easy with a paddle holster. The paddle lets you attach the holster to your pants every time you leave your home or office. Once you reach a safe destination, you can take it off for comfort.

Making this easier also increases the likeliness that you will carry your weapon daily.

Potential Disadvantages of Using a Paddle Holster

No holster has a perfect design for every person and gun. If you have gotten used to wearing an IWB holster, you might find that a paddle holster doesn’t match your needs as much as you expected. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a paddle holster. It means you should manage your expectations, so you understand the pros and cons of using a paddle holster.

They Don’t Conceal as Well as IWB Holsters

As long as you wear a shirt or jacket that covers your holster, you don’t need to worry about most people spotting your CCW. If you’re really serious about hiding your weapon, though, you probably want to choose an IWB holster that goes inside your waistband. The combination of an IWB holster and claw kit makes it difficult for even a trained professional to see your gun.

If you want basic concealment, a paddle holster will work fine. If you’re concerned about concealment, consider an IWB holster.

You Need to Pay Closer Attention

You need to pay close attention every time you carry a weapon. It’s even more important when you carry a gun in a paddle holster. With the gun sitting outside of your waistband, someone could take it from you. Suddenly, the gun you carry for protection becomes a liability.

The potential danger increases during a physical altercation, such as wrestling or fist-fighting. Never give anyone an opportunity to put their hands on your gun or holster.

Find the Right Paddle Holster for Your CCW

What is a paddle holster? It’s an excellent way for you to carry a concealed weapon while remaining comfortable. You will get the most benefits – and avoid more disadvantages – by choosing the right paddle holster for your body and gun.

We make all of our paddle holsters in the United States from Kydex, an extremely durable and lightweight material that lasts a lifetime. We mean it when we say our Kydex paddle holsters last that long. We even give you a lifetime guarantee with every item you order.

Browse our line of OWB Kydex paddle holsters to find one made for your favorite gun. We have designs for most CCWs popular in the US. If you place your order before 3 p.m. Eastern Monday, Monday through Friday, we’ll package it and get it in the mail on the same day.

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