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More and more, American citizens are realizing that concealed carry is the best way to protect themselves and their loved ones. At Concealment Express, we pride ourselves on providing our loyal customers with the finest IWB holsters you'll find anywhere. Here are a few reasons why so many trust us for all of their holster needs.

Our Products Are Made to Last

Fabricated from rock-solid yet pliable acrylic-PVC, our holsters will stand the test the time. Ultimately, these sturdy holsters will weather any punishment that you lob at them. If you plan on trading or selling a pistol, throwing in one of our holsters can only boost the sale price. 

Each Holster Boasts a Custom Fit

Whether you favor Glocks, Smith & Wessons or Rugers, our Kydex holsters are carefully engineered to fit your sidearm like a glove. That custom fit improves performance in the clutch if you have to pull. When fractions of a second matter, our holsters won't be a clumsy and potentially fatal hurdle to overcome. 

Every Holster is Easy to Adjust

At Concealment Express, we understand that every responsible gun owner is a little bit different when it comes to carrying preferences. That's why all of the IWB holsters we sell can be quickly and easily adjusted to your specifications so that you feel comfortable and confident when you carry. 

The Hardware Maximizes Concealment

Ultimately, the whole point of concealed carry is preserving the element of surprise when the excrement hits the fan. Our Kydex holsters feature integrated sweat guards and streamlined profiles that maximize user comfort. As such, every one of our models are easy to sport all day long while maintaining a low profile.

Our Holsters Ensure Personal Safety 

One of the biggest problems with sub-par and homemade holsters is that they drastically increase the odds of an unintentional discharge. Our holsters are designed from the ground up to minimize the chances that your hand will get tangled up in the weeds if you have to pull quickly. 

We Stand Behind Every Holster We Stock

All of our holsters are manufactured in the USA from quality materials by experienced professionals that know what they're doing. That's why we offer life-time guarantees on every item. When you buy a Concealment Express holster, you can rest assured that your grandchildren will end up owning it.

You Won't Find a Better Deal on the Web

When push comes to shove, you won't find a better holster for the money than a genuine Concealment Express model. Shop around online a little bit and you'll see why we're so famous for high-end products that don't break the bank.

Get the Right Holster for You Today 

If you're ready to carry concealed with confidence, there's no better time than the present to get a Concealment Express holster for your pistol. Peruse our extensive collection of custom holsters today to see why we are the go-to holster provider for gun owners that don't mess around.

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Gary Chapin
Gary Chapin

August 30, 2018

I have a dumb question. Why couldn’t you take a left hand IWB holster,mount a belt loop thing on it to use as a right hand OWB holster? By the way I love the holster I bought from you guys! Thank you,and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,Gary.

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