OWB Competition Belt Drop Kit

Carbon Fiber Black

The OWB belt drop kit now gives you the option to comfortable run an open carry option.  The lower drop gives you easier access to your firearm and does not restrict movement.  At a 3 O’clock position you can sit in a chair or on an ATV with no hang ups.

The DOTS system clip easily adjusts to most belt sizes and allows your entire rig to be removed with the touch of a button.  This drop kit is made with extra heavy 0.125” KYDEX and molded in a way to be extra stiff and durable. 

This kit is compatible with any of our OWB paddle holsters which means you have the ability run 160+ guns as an open carry. 

Also, matching one of our holsters with this kit will make any of our OWB holsters legal for USPSA, IPSC and many other competitive shooting leagues.