OWB KYDEX Double Magazine Holster

Carbon Fiber Black

OWB KYDEX Double Magazine Holster

OWB MRD Double Magazine Holster. Carry your spare mags with you at all times. Extremely comfortable and versatile with a flexible leather spine and belt loops on both sides to accommodate your preferred carry position. Our Double Mag Holster works for both RH OWB Carry and LH OWB Carry. Our MRD Double Magazine Holsters come standard with our proprietary 1.5" Belt Loops.

MRD Mag Holsters are universal for the caliber and round configuration (single stack vs. double stack). Mag Retention is easily adjustable via the Allen Key on the MRD which puts pressure on the flat side of your mag.


Magazine Holster Selection:

9MM/40SW Single Stack
9MM/.40 Single Stack Magazines (up to 0.65" wide)
9MM/40SW Double Stack
9MM/.40 Double Stack Magazines (up to 0.86" wide)
45ACP Single Stack
45ACP Single Stack Magazines (up to 0.55" wide)
45ACP Double Stack 45ACP Double Stack Magazines (up to 1" wide)
380 Single Stack 380 Single Stack Magazines (up to .58" wide)