Premium Leather Open-Top IWB Holster





We designed this holster to be the best option for a leather IWB holster. Giving the holster a smooth sleek design to be comfortable by wearing, comfort in wearing, ability to draw your firearm with speed, and a easy re-holstering.

A hand-colored, hand-shaped lacquered holster made of natural Italian leather of the highest quality. Only the best leather hides we get are used for production. The premium variant of the holster offers the highest craftsmanship we can deliver, from tiny details of hand-coloring to the natural leathery fragrance that gets you as soon as you open your package. This is a holster worthy of your firearm , and with the right care, may also live up to the life-span of your gun itself.

Once you place your order, our skilled craftsmen customize the holster for your specific handgun with the following holster features.

 - Open top
 - Steel 1.5" IWB belt clip
 - Top of the holster with reinforced leather part to keep holster open even without gun inside
 - Sweat guard keeping gun separated from the body
 - Made of 1/8" natural leather