Quick Draw Holster & Gun Lubricant - Bulk Pack (36/ct)


Quick Draw Holster & Gun Lubricant & Protectant

Quick Draw Gun Lubricant is a blend of silicone and lanolin at the perfect ratio and viscosity to apply a thin layer of lubrication and protection for both your gun and your holster.

Protect and Lubricate Your Gun & Holster with Pure Silicon and Lanolin and experience the speed today!


- Decreases drag for a faster, smoother draw
- Helps the FEEL of the gun in the holster
- Protects the finish of your firearm from micro-abrasions
- Resists static and dust buildup
- Safe for KYDEX, leather, nylon, & plastic holsters
- Get 50+ applications from one 0.71 OZ. Pump Spray Bottle
- Developed for Military & Law Enforcement - Made in the USA