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No matter what gun you use as your everyday carry, there is always a chance you may need more rounds than the pistol can hold. You probably think about this issue more often if you carry a gun like the Glock 43, which has a 6+1 capacity, than a Glock 19, which can accommodate up to 33+1 rounds. Regardless, it’s comforting to know that you have a magazine holster that can accommodate more rounds when necessary.

If you have never used a magazine holster, you might wonder how to carry it without feeling uncomfortable or making it easy for people to notice your weapon. Keep reading to learn more about how to carry a magazine holster. Once you know the basics, you won’t have any problems.

Decide Whether You Prefer a Horizontal or Vertical Magazine Holster

Would you feel more comfortable carrying a horizontal or vertical magazine holster on your belt? We make both options, so you can choose the one that meets your needs best.

Some people like the horizontal magazine holster because it’s so easy to conceal. It stays pressed against your belt when you carry it, so it’s practically impossible for someone to spot it.

Others prefer the vertical magazine holster because they find it easier to pull out the spare magazines and reload their weapons.

Really, it’s a matter of individual preference. They both work very well, especially if you wear your magazine holster while you practice.

Wear a Gun Belt That Can Support the Extra Weight

A full magazine will add several ounces to your waistband. The weight won’t matter much if you only carry for short amounts of time. If you carry a full-sized gun and an extra mag, though, you might notice the excess weight over the course of a day.

You can make your carry more comfortable by wearing a leather gun belt that will not sag under the additional weight. We make a premium, full-grain US leather belt with a stainless steel buckle that will keep your gun and extra magazine in place.

Don’t let nylon belts tempt you. Yes, they cost less. But you will get what you pay for. You cannot expect a material like nylon to keep its shape for very long. Our gun belt comes with a lifetime warranty, just like our holsters.

You will spend a little more money up front when you buy our leather gun belt. You save money over time, though, because you never have to buy a replacement. (You might, however, want to also buy a black and brown version that will match most of your clothes.)

Find a Good Spot on Your Gun Belt for the Magazine Holster

Your magazine holster deserves an assigned location on your gun belt. The spot you choose will likely depend on your favorite carry position. If you keep your gun on your right hip, it makes sense to keep your spare magazine on your left hip. That way, you don’t accidentally grab your extra magazine when you mean to draw your gun.

It might take you some time to find the perfect spot for your magazine holster. Don’t worry about it too much. Most people automatically gravitate to a general location. For example, it might feel natural to reach for the small of your back to pull out your fresh magazine. But another person might like the appendix position because they can reload quickly from there.

Let your intuition guide you. As you spend more time with your magazine holster, you will make subtle adjustments that maximize your comfort. It will happen naturally, so don’t feel you need to choose a specific location on the first day.

What if You Want to Carry More Than One Magazine Holster?

Depending on your concerns, you might want to carry more than one magazine holster to ensure you have enough rounds to secure dangerous situations. However, it is unlikely that you will run into the level of danger that requires two or more full magazines. Then again, carrying two backups instead of one can’t hurt anything. If you feel more secure with two spare magazines, by all means, carry them.

Most people who carry two magazine holsters like to keep them next to each other. Keeping them side by side eliminates potential confusion (like forgetting in the heat of the moment whether you already used the spare magazine on your left or right hip).

You might also find that keeping both magazine holsters next to each other creates a nice counterbalance to the weight of your gun. You’ll have a little extra weight around your waist. Some people find the counterbalance makes the weight more comfortable.

Get Your New Magazine Holster From Rounded!

We have magazine holsters designed to carry single and double stacks of 9MM, .40, and 45ACP rounds. You can adjust the vertical magazine holster to function as an IWB or OWB holster.

Recently, we introduced a new rifle magazine holster. If you like to carry a rifle, it’s the right option for you!

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Harry Freeman
Harry Freeman

May 09, 2023

As mentioned before, I truly believe and others also would like to see you make a double or possibly a triple magazine carrier one day for Glock 17/19 -Canik double stack magazines. Thanks for great products. Blessings.

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How to Carry a Magazine Holster