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Kydex holsters dominate today's concealed carrying market. They're tougher, more customizable, more concealable, and less expensive than your traditional leather holsters. So what's not to like about Kydex holsters? Well, not much. Since these thermoplastic acrylic polyvinyl chloride gun sheaths don't cost a lot to make, many ordinary people have tried manufacturing their own at home. A DIY gun holster might sound like a fun project, but getting it right isn't so easy. Here's why DIY Kydex holsters won't work out for most. 

Improper Fit

One of the biggest pros of the Kydex holster is enhanced retention of the firearm. If an assailant is able to rip your gun from your holster, your life could end in an instant. Retention is critical for a serious carry rig, and Kydex does it best. If you plan on making one, you'll really need to take your time to mold the material around the gun so that you get into all the nooks and crannies. You want the gun to have as much contact with the Kydex as possible because that results in more friction and a stronger hold. A sloppy job could mean a loose-fitting holster--and that's always a bad thing. On the other hand, being too meticulous about the molding could result in a holster that provides too much retention making drawing difficult or impossible. Finding the sweet spot can be rather hard and often requires a ton of trial and error. 

It's All in the Details

Shaping the material around the firearm is a rather straightforward process, but there's much more to crafting a Kydex holster than that. Choosing the exact shape of your holster, deciding whether to cover the muzzle or leave it open, cutting holes in the Kydex for screws, selecting the placement of attachment loops for desired cant and ride orientation, picking a color scheme--these are all things you'd have to figure out to successfully make IWB holsters for concealed weapons. Naturally detail-oriented people should have an easier time with the whole process, and it certainly helps if you have a math or engineering background. Otherwise, a DIY gun holster can be quite challenging to make well without careful planning. 

You Could Get Burned 

Kydex needs to be heated up before it becomes pliable enough to shape and mold. If you're not careful, you might end up scorching more than just the plastic. During the molding process, you'll use your hands and fingers to manipulate the hot Kydex. With bare hands, it could be too hot to handle. Gloves or a towel would help, but you would lose precision during shaping. Some people use various hand tools and utensils to aid with molding IWB holsters. 

Invest in Quality Kydex Instead 

It's true that a DIY holster could save you a good amount of money compared to buying one off the shelf. However, the cons outweigh the pros when you don't have the skills and experience. If you're an advocate of concealed carrying and prefer to have a durable and reliable product that you can trust your life to from the very start, Concealment Express has you covered. Concealed weapons enthusiasts everywhere turn to for a great selection of IWB holsters made in the USA for the top firearm manufacturers on the market.

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Dr Joe K Tanner
Dr Joe K Tanner

March 05, 2020

I own two Kydex holsters from Concealment Express. They are the best. Wear one every day. Always listen for the click when bolstering.

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