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If you would like to exercise your second amendment rights while you travel on an airplane, you are likely wondering about the gun laws related to flying. A lot of people believe the myths on the topic, but you will want to get a closer look so that you can take your gun on your next trip without stress.  

Unload Your Gun 

Unless you want to run into problems along the way that can delay your trip or result in legal trouble, unload your gun before you leave home. In addition to removing the magazine, you will also need to clear the chamber. This step will seem like common sense to those who have experience traveling with a gun, but double-checking never hurts.  

Use a Locked Case 

When you are traveling with a gun and don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law, Federal gun regulations require you to place your firearm in a locked case. Verify that the case you will use is sturdy and that it will keep your gun secure at all times. If you don’t have a high-quality gun case to bring along, you can pick one up at your local gun shop or sporting goods store.  

Check Your Airline's Policy 

Checking your airline's firearm policy before you embark on your trip is a wise move that you won't want to overlook. Different airlines will have different policies, and you don't want to face unexpected complications.  

Review the TSA's Firearm Policy 

It’s not uncommon for second amendment supporters to look at the Transportation Security Administration's firearm policyonce and forget about it, which is a mistake. The TSA can and will change the policy, and reviewing the latest updates on its official website will prevent problems.  

Weigh Your Gun and Ammunition 

Most airlines will charge extra if you transport more than 11 pounds of ammunition, so weigh your case before you depart.  

Secure Your Ammunition 

If you don't want to violate state or federal gun laws, keep your ammunition in a secure box during your flight.  

Ask the TSA if You Can Go to Your Gate 

In most cases, you will be clear to depart once you hand your gun box to the TSA, but you will still want to ask them if they need you to do anything else. If they are required to check something, you will need to unlock the box. 

Inform Ticket Agent That You're Transporting a Firearm 

As soon as you arrive at the ticket counter, you should inform the staff that you are transporting a firearm and ask if they have any special instructions.  

Use Your Own Padlock 

Despite what many people believe, TSA agents are not experts when it comes to gun regulations and might offer to let you use one of their padlocks, but you must decline. To remain compliant with the law, you need to maintain control of the key while the gun box is not in your control.  

Check State Laws 

If you have a concealed carry permit and want to carry your firearm once you reach your destination, check state concealed carry laws to see if the state to which you are traveling honors your permit.  

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John prince
John prince

August 30, 2018

Have a IWB for my XD S 45/ 3.3 and am very happy with it!!!!

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